Kids' Entertainment

There are 8 family friendly original films premiering on Netflix this fall and winter.

Netflix Has A Bunch Of New Kids’ Movies Coming Out This Fall

From animated ponies to adventurous documentaries, you will find something to watch over the next four months.

There’s more to fall movies than just films about Halloween or ones that showcase the gorgeous autumnal weather. In fact, the Netflix fall 2021 movie schedule is short on pumpkins, but full of adventures and laughs to get you in the mood for the new season.

Whether you’re catching up on episodes of your favorite series (ahem, Grey’s Anatomy) once the kids go to bed, or turning on yet another episode of CoComelon to keep them happy, Netflix’s library is endless. But there are eight more reasons to visit Netflix’s website or visit the app on your smart TV for the rest of the year, because the streaming service is coming out with eight original films you can watch with your kids that just entered middle school and their grandma who is in town visiting.

If you’re looking for a reason to laugh, then you’ll love watching Back to the Outback or Mixtape, a movie set in Y2K that will make you feel very old. And if you’re looking to invoke that sense of adventure in the family, then you’ll want to turn on Nightbooks, a spooky new movie about a young boy who gets trapped by an evil witch. But if you’re looking for some fun new holiday films, then turn on A Boy Called Christmas or Shaun the Sheep: the Flight Before Christmas, which will surely be some new holiday classics.

No matter what kind of film you’re looking to watch throughout the year, you can start planning your viewing schedule thanks to Netflix.


Nightbooks (Sept. 15)


Alex (Winslow Fegley) is a boy obsessed with scary stories. So when he gets trapped by an evil witch (Kristyn Ritter) in her magical apartment, he must tell a scary story every night to stay alive, and team up with another prisoner (Lidya Jewett) to find a way to escape.

Nightbooks premieres on Friday, Sept. 15.


My Little Pony: A New Generation (Sept. 24)


A tragedy has occurred — the pony world of Equestria has lost its magic, leaving Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns split apart, living in fear of one another. But it’s up to Sunny, an idealistic Earth Pony and open-hearted Unicorn, Izzy, to bring enchantment and restore unity back to the world.

My Little Pony: A New Generation premieres on Friday, Sept. 24.


Found (Oct. 20)

This feature documentary tells the story of three American teenage girls, each adopted from China, who discover that they’re blood related cousins through the website, 23andMe, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This discovery leads them to meeting in person for the first time and traveling all the way to China, where they seek answers for their burning questions.

Found premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 20.


Robin Robin (Nov. 24)


Robin is raised by a family of mice, after her egg accidentally rolls into a dump. But as she grows up, and realizes that her differences are very apparent, she sets off on a heist to prove to her family that she can be a good mouse.

Robin Robin premieres on Wednesday, Nov. 24.


A Boy Called Christmas (November)

See the origin of Father Christmas come life in this new spin on a traditional story. Nikolas is an ordinary young boy who sets out on an adventure to find his father, who he himself is on a quest to find a fabled village of elves. Alongside a reindeer named Blitzen and their loyal pet mouse, Nikolas ends up discovering his destiny to be Father Christmas.

A Boy Called Christmas premieres on Netflix sometime in November.


Shaun the Sheep: the Flight Before Christmas (Dec. 3)


Shaun the Sheep’s excitement for the holiday season turns cold when a raid on the farmhouse to get bigger stockings for the flock leads to his cousin, Timmy, going missing. It’s up to Shaun to get Timmy back before he becomes someone’s Christmas present.

Shaun the Sheep: the Flight Before Christmas premieres on Netflix on Friday, Dec. 3.


Back to the Outback (December)


A ragtag group of Australia’s most dangerous creatures break free from the reptile house at their zoo and set their sights on the Outback, a place where they feel as if they will fit in without being judged for the way that they look.

Back to the Outback premieres on Netflix sometime in December.


Mixtape (December)

On the verge of the year 2000, an awkward 12-year-old girl named Beverly, being raised by her grandma, discovers a broken mixtape crafted by her deceased parents as teens. Beverly then sets out on a journey to find all of the songs on the mixtape. It is on this journey where she makes new friends and learns more about her parents along the way in this film that will be a major throwback to the 1990’s.

Mixtape premieres on Netflix sometime in December.