'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' is celebrating its 10th anniversary
PBS Kids

Daniel Tiger Joins His Friends For His Very First Sleepover In Cute New Episode

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is celebrating the show’s 10th anniversary with more preschool “firsts.”

It’s almost impossible to believe, but sweet little Daniel Tiger is turning 10! Or at least, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a series from Fred Rogers Productions, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in September. That’s an entire decade of thoughtful, gentle programming for preschoolers, and it’s absolutely something to celebrate. Which is exactly what PBS Kids is doing with a marathon of “Top 10 Tiger Tales” starting on Sept. 3, kicking off the sixth season on Sept. 5 with a week of all-new episodes. And an exclusive clip shared with Romper from one new episode called “Sleepover” proves that the series is sticking with that same sweet, gentle vibe that has made it so popular with preschoolers everywhere.

The 10th anniversary celebration gets under way with a five-hour marathon on Sept. 3 on PBS Kids. Movies like Daniel Tiger Visits a New Neighborhood and Won’t You Be Our Neighbor? will be shown on “Top Ten Tiger Tales,” along with 10 fan favorite episodes — including the very first story, “Daniel’s Birthday,” classics such as “The Baby is Here,” “Daniel Visits the Doctor,” and newer favorites like “Daniel’s New Friend Max.”

When the sixth season gets underway on Sept. 5, the focus will be on big important firsts so many preschoolers experience, like sleepovers! In an exclusive sneak peek shared with Romper, Daniel Tiger joins his pals O the Owl and Katerina Kittycat for his very first sleepover. And O the Owl isn’t quite sure he’s ready to stay the whole night.

Katerina hosts the sleepover and suggests everyone sleep on the ground in their sleeping bags, leaving O a little unsure. And when he forgot his favorite book, he told his Uncle X he didn’t want to stay. Uncle X tells O he can come home but he might change his mind while his friends support him and wait for their sleepover snacks from Katerina’s mom. Never has a sleepover looked sweeter or more appealing. Classic Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood moment.

“Since its launch a decade ago, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, with its iconic strategy songs and gentle life lessons, has become an integral part of life for preschoolers, parents and caregivers,” Sara DeWitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PBS KIDS, said in a statement. “We’re delighted to help children continue to learn and grow alongside their favorite tiger with a whole new season, digital games and more.”

Kids can access a whole host of interactive games on the PBS Kids website in honor of the series’ 10th anniversary kicking off on Sept. 3.