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Olivia Munn shared a breastfeeding hack video.
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Olivia Munn Posted A Breastfeeding Video That Reminds Moms "Fed Is Best"

It’s a message every mom needs to hear.

Olivia Munn might be new to motherhood but she’s already very generous when she discovers a good old piece of parenting advice. Like when she found a breastfeeding video she felt was worthy of sharing recently, for instance. Munn must have found something useful about the message in this video and was thoughtful enough to pass it along. Which bodes well for her when baby boy Malcolm goes to school some day and she wants to make mom friends; she will learn it is all about the sharing of knowledge and useful information.

Munn became a mom when she welcomed baby boy Malcolm with boyfriend John Mulaney in December, and she was already learning the importance of learning from other moms during her pregnancy. “I’ve been feeling really good and just the outpouring of love and support has been really amazing,” the Newsroom actress told Access host Mario Lopez, per Romper. “There’s been a big ‘ole mom tribe that comes up. I’ve heard about it, but they really come up in full force. There’s a really great dad tribe, too. Everyone who comes up is really supportive and it means so much to me.”

Now that she is a member of that tribe herself, Munn used her platform to share an important breastfeeding video on Instagram all about breastfeeding with a low supply.

Olivia Munn shared a sweet breastfeeding hack video.

The video sees an unidentified mom sharing all of the ways she has tried to deal with her low milk supply including “lactation consultants, lactation teas, breastfeeding pillows, nipple ointments” and even wearing a device around her neck filled with formula and tubes taped to her nipples “so I could stimulate milk production while giving my baby the nutrients he needs.”

She went on to say that she finally decided to let it go and stop trying so hard. “Breastfeeding is good,” she explained in the video where she was breastfeeding her son, adding as she also fed her son with a bottle, “and so is formula.”

That’s it, That’s the hack Munn shared. A good reminder that it’s okay to bottle feed your baby and to give yourself a break. Fed is best, after all. Other moms took to her video to share their gratitude at receiving the important message, writing messages like, “Omg I had that contraption too!!! I used it once. Formula saved me and my son! No regrets,” and “Thank you for sharing! I had my son seven weeks ago and my milk is still not coming in; I'm only getting half an ounce every pumping session. Thank God for formula and providing my son with what I can't.”

Olivia Munn is already part of that helpful mom tribe she described when she was pregnant. Spreading love and acceptance to her fellow parents.