Olivia Munn shared a video of son Malcolm peeling garlic.
Stefanie Keenan/WireImage/Getty Images

Olivia Munn Says Her Son Malcolm Only Wants Garlic For Christmas In Adorable Video

He’s the ideal sous chef.

If you were planning on buying any Christmas gifts for Olivia Munn’s 2-year-old son Malcolm, she has some advice for you. Go ahead and save your money for something else. Because all Malcolm wants is to peel garlic and lots of it. Although if your gift was a cooking class where his only job is to peel garlic, I guess you could still move forward with your plan.

Munn, who shares Malcolm with boyfriend John Mulaney, took to Instagram on Monday to share a video of the sweet little boy sitting on her lap and working diligently on peeling a clove of garlic. He was clearly very intent on his task, because he barely looked up when Munn said, “Can you say garlic?” Malcolm replied, “Garlic,” saying it pretty perfectly, actually, and his mom kissed him on the cheek, saying “Merry Christmas!” All while he just continued to peel his garlic.

“To any friends and family who bought Malcolm a Christmas gift,” Munn wrote in the caption of her post. “Please return for a full refund and head to the grocery store instead. Thanks and Happy Holidays!”

Munn’s Instagram followers were justifiably impressed with his incredible garlic peeling skills, of course. “Perfect sous chef,” one user wrote, while another person felt that Malcolm’s dapper sweater/button down shirt combo really elevated the entire video. “It’s the careful enunciation and the big boy sweater for me! Very professorial!”

Malcolm might not need too many Christmas gifts this year, other than a big bag of garlic cloves, but it isn’t as though he hasn’t already received a pile of gifts in recent months. He turned 2 years old in November, and his family celebrated with a garbage truck party, complete with a themed cake and everything. And if he wants to practice his Mandarin, he has a special language book given to him by Ali Wong to help him learn that he loved so much, he asked his mom to read it to him again.

Maybe that’s the secret of spending time with Malcolm. Find something he loves and basically just press repeat. Whether that means painstakingly peeling garlic cloves or reading him a book to help him learn Mandarin, he knows what he likes. And he’s really just looking to do it again and again.