The Parks & Rec Gals Reunited For Galentine’s Day, Just As Leslie Knope Would Want

We can only assume waffles were involved.

Arguably one of the greatest gifts to come from NBC series Parks and Recreation, a show that gave us so many wonderful gifts, was Galentine’s Day. Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) had the inspired idea to spend every Feb. 13 with the women in her life, exchanging gifts and eating breakfast and just doing everything they could to honor each other. Galentine’s Day really took off as an idea, becoming an annual tradition for many women who wanted to celebrate those important friendships in their lives. And apparently it’s a tradition that still means something to the original gals from Galentine’s Day, which we are all so excited to see.

Rashida Jones, who played Leslie Knope’s best friend Ann Perkins, aka “you beautiful spinster,” for five years on Parks and Rec, took to Instagram on Monday to share the sweetest selfie taken with some of her gals. Poehler, Aubrey Plaza (sarcastic queen April Ludgate), and Kathryn Hahn (Washington wiz Jennifer Barkley from the final season) all tucked in nice and close together with big smiles on their faces.

“Happy Galentine’s Day!” Jones captioned the post, and fans could not have been more excited to see these women reunited. So much so that some of us would be willing to make a needlepoint pillow with their faces and the news headline from the day they were born on them in true Leslie Knope fashion.

Kerry Washington wrote “YAS!!!!” on the post, while the official Parks and Rec account added, “My galentines!” Jones did not share how the four friends celebrated Galentine’s Day so we can only assume that waffles were involved, as were duets of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” mosaic portraits made from crushed bottles of their favorite sodas, really just anything to make sure they remembered to celebrate “hoes before bros” as Leslie Knope first intended.

This is not the first time the Parks and Rec ladies have reunited for Galentine’s Day, in fact it’s become something of a tradition. In 2018, Aubrey Plaza shared a smiling selfie with Hahn, Poehler, and Jones on Galentine’s Day with the caption, “happy happy galentine’s day. these women keep me alive.”

If ever there was a tradition to keep alive, it’s absolutely Galentine’s Day. Waffles, women, and love all around. It’s what Leslie Knope wanted for us.