Patrick Mahomes stopped Sterling from looking at the solar eclipse.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes Ran With NFL Speed To Shield His Daughter From Looking At The Eclipse

“Meanwhile, Bronze...”

It’s a good thing that Patrick Mahomes is fast on his feet. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback used his famous NFL training and quick reflexes to stop his 3-year-old daughter from looking directly at the solar eclipse on Monday and the cute moment was shared on Instagram.

Like so many Americans, Mahomes spent Monday afternoon in his backyard looking up to catch the solar eclipse. It was the first time the solar eclipse was visible in the United States since 2017, and the last time it will be visible until 2045, so it was a seriously big deal. Big enough that the entire Mahomes family, including Patrick, wife Brittany, 3-year-old daughter Sterling, and 1-year-old Bronze were all outside ready to have a look at the moon passing in front of the sun. Wearing their special eclipse glasses for safety, of course. Looking directly at the solar eclipse with the naked eye can cause permanent eye damage, even if you are not in the line of eclipse totality or just look briefly.

Which is perhaps why Patrick Mahomes, as seen on wife Brittany’s Instagram Story, sprang into action when daughter Sterling glanced up at the sky during the eclipse.

Mahomes ran across the couple’s back deck to stop Sterling as she appeared to look up at the sky, moving to stand in front of her and shield her like a true protective dad.

The little girl, who must have been a bit confused as she has never experienced a solar eclipse before, was given special glasses so that she and her dad could take in the big event together.

As for the couple’s 1-year-old son Patrick “Bronze” Mahomes III, he was slightly less invested in checking out the solar eclipse. His mom took a photo of him getting to work on sweeping the floor, looking decidedly unimpressed by all the eclipse excitement. Or, as his mom put it, “Meanwhile, Bronze...”

Sterling Mahomes is certainly lucky to have a quick-thinking, fast-on-his-feet dad like Patrick Mahomes. He’s out here protecting her sweet little eyes from the solar eclipse like the QB of his family.