Mother's Day

Charlie Brown and his friends have a Mother's Day special.

A Brand New Peanuts Mother's Day Special Is Coming Soon & It Sounds So Heartwarming

Woodstock reunites with his long lost mom and Peppermint Patty comes to a lovely realization in this new Mother’s Day special.

It’s about time Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts gang had a special to celebrate their moms. When you think about the shenanigans those kids get up to on a regular basis, what with their late night adventures looking for the Great Pumpkin and the lavish Christmas parties and let’s not even get into Pig-Pen’s whole brand, these moms finally deserve a little recognition. And they’re getting it in the new Peanuts Mother’s Day special, To Mom (And Dad), With Love on Apple TV+ in May 2022.

Mother’s Day is coming for the Peanuts gang, and it seems most of them forgot it was on its way. The brand trailer for To Mom (And Dad) With Love sees Pig-Pen interrupting a football game to tell everyone that there was a big line at the candy store because everyone else was getting stuff for their moms. Naturally Charlie Brown forgot, he always forgets. But one person in particular forgot for good reason; poor sweet iconic Peppermint Patty, who has grown up without a mother and finds the special day quite painful.

As the rest of the gang springs into action, making breakfast in bed for their moms, writing letters thanking them for all their hard work, and buying presents, Peppermint Patty feels awfully left out. And deals with her difficult situation by stomping around and screaming in classic Peppermint Patty fashion.

The special also sees other characters from the Charles Schultz comic strip celebrating Mother’s Day in special ways, like Snoopy’s best pal Woodstock reuniting with his long lost mom. And Peppermint Patty does come to a lovely realization, along with her devoted pal Marcie, that families come in all sorts of different packages. And that she can take the time on Mother’s Day to thank the special person in her life even if her mom is not around. Her dad, she realizes, does all of the things a mom might do for her. So she celebrates him instead.

As ever, the Peanuts gang tackles sensitive topics with deft humor, warmth, and silliness. Mother’s Day can be pretty fraught for kids who perhaps have a less conventional family dynamic, and To Mom (And Dad), With Love addresses this perfectly. Family is family. And one thing the Peanuts gang all has in common; mom, dad, or teacher, no one can understand a word they’re saying anyhow.

To Mom (And Dad), With Love lands on Apple TV+ on May 6.