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Take An Exclusive Peek At A Brand New Peppa Pig Christmas Episode

Oh, Goody!

Christmas is around the corner and families everywhere are making travel plans. Even Peppa Pig is heading out for a Christmas holiday and Romper has an exclusive look at a brand new episode Peppa Pig Christmas episode featuring a new kangaroo friend of Peppa’s.

Peppa, George, Mummy, and Daddy Pig all head down to Australia for a Christmas vacation to enjoy some fun in the sun. And sand, apparently. While hanging out on the beach, the family meets Kylie, a sweet kangaroo who has never seen snow in her whole life.

In Romper’s exclusive clip from the new episode — “Christmas With Kylie” — Peppa and George describe snow to Kylie and explain how the use snow to make a snowman. “We use sticks for the arms, stones for the eyes and mouth, and a carrot for the nose,” Peppa says. Kylie explains to Peppa that they have something similar in Australia called a “sandman,” which they build out of sand using “driftwood for the arms, beach pebbles for the eyes and mouth, and a corn cob for the nose.”

After the Kangaroo family demonstrates, Mummy Pig says, “What could be more Christmas-y than that?” One thing Kylie Kangaroo might find a bit more Christmas-y is the snow globe she is given as a gift later in the episode.

To really get into the Peppa Pig Christmas spirit, kids can find a “Christmas With Kylie” activity pack on Peppa Pig’s website to go along with the new episode. The downloadable activity pack includes a coloring page, a connect the dots activity, a “spot the difference” game featuring the whole gang, and a “Decorate Your Own Snowman” page.

“Christmas With Kylie” is one of two new holiday episodes, or “Peppasodes,” coming to Nickelodeon on Dec. 8 at 12 p.m., along with “Winter Games.” This episode sees Peppa and her family skiing on Snowy Mountain, where they see lots of their friends doing the same. They also see Mandy Mouse on the mountain, skiing on her mono ski. Mandy Mouse was the first character in a wheelchair to be introduced to Peppa Pig back in 2019, and she has become a fan favorite.

Peppa Pig is ready to celebrate the holidays Down Under, and kids around the world will be ready to spend it with her when new holiday episodes drop on Dec. 8.