Pixar Is Making A Movie All About Buzz Lightyear

We finally get to know the beloved Toy Story character's origin story.

To infinity and beyond! Disney announced this week that Buzz Lightyear is getting his own Pixar movie called Lightyear. The upcoming movie will tell the origin story of the Toy Story character... before he crash-landed on Andy's bed in the 1995 movie and became Woody's partner-in-crime.

On Dec. 11, Disney and Pixar announced Lightyear will premiere in theaters in June 2022 and Captain America star Chris Evans will voice the space ranger, who was originally portrayed by Tim Allen in the first four Toy Story movies. "Blasting into theaters June 17, 2022, Lightyear is the definitive story of the original Buzz Lightyear," Pixar wrote on Twitter.

After the news broke, Evans himself took to Twitter to confirm it. "I don't even have the words," Evans tweeted about his role in the movie. And in case you were wondering if the story is about Buzz Lightyear the toy, the 39-year-old cleared that up. "And just to be clear, this isn’t Buzz Lightyear the toy," Evans wrote in another tweet. "This is the origin story of the human Buzz Lightyear that the toy is based on."

Pixar also shared a first look at Buzz in the new movie, which shows the space ranger looking at his reflection in his helmet. Perhaps this movie will dive into Buzz's relationship with his nemesis Emperor Zurg. Or maybe we'll find out where Star Command is. Who knows! The possibilities are endless.

Lightyear's premiere in 2022 is still more than two years away, so until then, you might want to rewatch all the Toy Story movies so you're up to speed on all things Buzz Lightyear.