Disney Fans Are Feeling Emotional After Watching Pixar’s New Movie Soul

And are taking away a few valuable life lessons, too.

Once again, Disney has ignited a sorely-needed spark in our hearts, as evidenced by these tweets about Pixar's new movie Soul. The animated movie premiered on Disney+ on Christmas Day and has viewers feeling awfully emotional.

Unlike Mulan, which premiered with a $30 price tag, Soul is free to watch with a Disney+ subscription and tells a beautiful story the whole family can appreciate it. Some major Soul spoilers are ahead, so read on at your own risk.

Starring Jamie Foxx as Pixar's first Black leading character, Soul tells the story of a jazz teacher named Joe Gardner, who finds a renewed purpose in life after experiencing a near-death experience. After falling down a manhole, Gardner's soul becomes trapped in a limbo spot called the "Great Beyond," where souls are placed to learn personalities. Once they acquire their traits, they are given an "Earth pass" to come to Earth and live a human life. In order to move on, Gardner is tasked with mentoring one of these souls named 22 (voiced by Tina Fey), who never cared for life and saw no purpose in it. Through a bit of a Freaky Friday moment, 22 is encouraged to live by Gardner's teachings and in the process, Gardner relearns the value of his existence.

The message is beautiful and one that can be taught at any age: life is priceless — you only get one of them and you should live it to your fullest potential. So, understandably, Soul has left Disney and Pixar fans feels all sorts of heartwarming emotions and analyzing the movie's main message.

Little moments make life special.

"[Soul] is a reminder that we often forget to really live while chasing those Big dreams. Dream big, but enjoy the little moments on your way there.one viewer reflected about the movie," one viewer reflected about the movie.

You are more than your passion and talents.

"We should celebrate having a passion in which we are somewhat successful, but we should never convince ourselves that it is all we are," another viewer tweeted.

There's no limit on passions or purposes a person can have.

"One lesson I took away is that we do ourselves a disservice by thinking we have only one purpose in life. We are multifaceted people destined to learn, experience & excel at many things throughout our lives," one more shared.

Recognize the little things that make us feel alive.

Another viewer tweeted, "We shouldn’t forget what really makes us feel alive and that even the little things in life are important."

Seize every little moment.

"Don’t just wait around for the big moment, live EVERY MOMENT," one viewer wrote.

Don't just exist, live.

Soul was a tear-jerker realization from one viewer who tweeted, "...just realizing I’ve only been existing and not living."

It's OK to let go.

One viewer shared, "It’s okay to breathe in and let things go..." after watching the movie.

Have gratitude.

"Having gratitude for every little thing or interaction that you have on your life journey enriches your life more than chasing after happiness," one more shared after watching Soul.

Be kind.

One viewer said she was a "mess" after watching Soul, adding: "It’s beautiful. It’s a reminder to just be a good person at every opportunity that you can be. Please just be kind."

Just live.

And, finally, one more viewer's takeaway from the movie has been retweeted over 52,000 times, and pretty much sums up everyone's thoughts. As she put it, "Don't lose yourself in what you think your purpose is, simply live. breathe life entirely. don't get caught up in your expectations of what your life should be. find joy in the smallest things. purposes are the only ways to cope with life instead of living fully."