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People Got Real Judgy About Hailey Bieber Cradling Her Baby Bump & Moms Weren't Having It

As one mom said to strangers on the internet, “Go outside and touch some grass.”

Justin Bieber and his pregnant wife Hailey were recently spotted by paparazzi out for an evening to enjoy a date night. They were literally filmed getting out of a car and walking into a restaurant, which seemed innocuous enough. Until Hailey Bieber was caught having the audacity to hold her own baby bump. As you can imagine, critics were waiting in the wings with their swords drawn, ready to attack.

The model wore an asymmetrical silk dress to dinner with the 30-year-old singer, and after getting out of her gigantic vehicle, she was seen in a video shared by E! News smoothing the dress over her growing baby bump as she entered the restaurant. Bieber first announced she was expecting the couple’s first child back in May, taking to Instagram with a photo shoot where she displayed, you guessed it, her baby bump. Which some people might consider natural for a pregnant woman.

These critics, who took to Instagram to vent their displeasure at Bieber’s attachment to her own body and the baby growing inside it, apparently disagree.

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“Omg the belly holding is ridiculous” wrote one concerned citizen on E! News’ post.

“We got it you are pregnant” one person complained.

Another person felt like Bieber’s hand and baby bump were all about trying to get attention. “Acting like the first person to be pregnant! Such an attention seeker,” they wrote.

“The belly isn’t gonna fall off sis, you can just walk,” yet another commented.

“The way she holds her belly so it could be noticeable,” one more said.

Hailey Bieber is by no means the first celebrity mom to come under fire for living her life or touching her pregnant belly. Just ask Meghan Markle, whose belly touching during her pregnancy with Archie was so upsetting to British paparazzi that the Daily Mail brought in “experts” to critique every time she touched her own stomach. Even after babies are born, moms can’t catch a break from online critics, like when Kate Hudson let her daughter Rani ride in a stroller until she was 3 and people lost their minds.

Hopefully Hailey Bieber didn’t see these comments, or if she did let’s hope she focused on the moms coming to her defense.

“Holding your belly while pregnant is a protective gesture and it’s intuitive. Been there 3 times. Let them be,” one mom commented on the video.

“You never seen a pregnant woman holding her belly or what? Go outside and touch some grass,” this person added, while another noted, “Mmm I see some of yall ain’t never carried a baby before.. She is around ppl she don’t know she is being protective.”

Pregnant women touch their bellies. Even celebrities. Life goes on, folks.