One Of Hilary Swank's Twins Made A Fist Like A Little “Million Dollar Baby” In Sonogram

The 48-year-old actress, who is expecting twins with husband Philip Schneider, has a dramatic little fighter on her hands.

It’s always impressive when life imitates art, but when ultrasound photos imitate art... now that’s next level. Expectant mom Hilary Swank recently took to Instagram to share a photo taken of one of her unborn babies during an ultrasound, and that baby of hers looks to be making a fist. Perhaps an homage to their mother’s Oscar-winning role even before they’re born? That has to be a first.

Swank announced in October that she’s pregnant during an interview with Good Morning America. She announced not only that she was going to be a first-time mom, but also that she and husband Phillip Schneider are expecting twins. “I’m going to be a mom,” the 48-year-old actress excitedly shared at the time. “And not just of one but of two. I can’t believe it.”

Now five months later, the Alaska Daily star is giving us another update. It seems Baby A, as one of her twins is called in the ultrasound, looks like they’re ready for a fight. “Baby A flexing for the camera at their ultrasound,” Swank wrote on Instagram before adding #TheRealMillionDollarBaby #PrizeFighter.”

Swank won an Oscar for her role as a boxer in the 2005 Clint Eastwood movie Million Dollar Baby, and her followers quickly made the connection between Baby A’s fist and her Oscar-winning role. “Tell me you’re Hilary Swank’s baby without telling me you’re Hilary Swank’s baby,” wrote one social media user while another noted that there could be a little battle of the babies going on in her belly. “Baby B don’t have to flex they’re already playing with A’s head by doing nothing. This is a long game they’re in.”

Her social media followers weren’t the only ones who made the connection. It looks as though the ultrasound technician wrote Million Dollar Baby on the actual photo, so that is definitely going to be a keeper.

The expectant mom is due mid-April, she revealed during an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, with her actual due date falling on her late father Stephen Swank’s birthday, April 16. These babies of hers are already showing some pretty impressive dramatic chops, what with the sweetly significant due date and the homage to one of their mom’s best-loved films.

If the next ultrasound looks like a scene from Alaska Daily, all of our jaws will drop.