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14 Preschool Graduation Songs You'll Love To Sing Along To

Help them get ready for kindergarten with some catchy tunes.

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Graduation ceremonies are a time to celebrate all that your child has accomplished over the last year, and all of the things that they have to look forward to in the coming years. A preschool graduation ceremony is especially exciting: It’s likely the first graduation ceremony that your little one will be involved in, and watching them stand up there will bring tears to your eyes. You’ll need some adorable preschool graduation songs to really set the mood — plus, they’re also a great way to get your tot excited and cheerful.

At preschool age, most kids adore fun, playful songs that they can easily sing along to. The best preschool graduation songs are ones that are short and sweet and set to a whimsical tune — something they already know and love is perfect (think lyrics about graduation set to the melody of a beloved nursery rhyme like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). You can make a playlist of cute songs that you can play for your little one in the days and weeks leading up to their graduation to get them excited and to give them a better understanding of what they can expect when they leave preschool behind. And, of course, these are all great to play during any graduation celebrations you might have going on. Here are the cutest preschool graduation songs your toddler will love singing along to.


“Thank You” by Miss Patty

“Thank You” by Miss Patty is a preschool graduation song which is proof that, when it comes to little ones, simple is best. This song says a big thank you to everyone who helped make their year in preschool so great: parents, grandparents, and of course teachers. It’s short and has easy lyrics to remember and is a good opportunity to teach your child about gratitude.


“We’re Moving Up To Kindergarten” by The Orchard Enterprises

This cute song, “We’re Moving Up To Kindergarten,” has as catchy melody and is all about leaving preschool behind. It goes into all of the excitement that comes with starting kindergarten, and will make your little one (and you!) thrilled about what’s to come. There are also some sweet goodbyes to their preschool year. Easy to remember and sing along to, this one is a great choice.


“What I Am” by for Sesame Street

You can never go wrong with a song from Sesame Street, and “What I Am,” sung by, is no exception. This song has a melody that doesn’t feel exhausting to listen to over and over again (which, let’s be real, will probably happen), and the lyrics are so sweet. It’s all about toddlers embracing all of the things that make them special. The video is fun to watch too, with images of their favorite Sesame Street characters.


“May There Always Be Sunshine” by Dr. Jean

If you’re looking for a song that will almost definitely bring tears to your eyes, then play “May There Always Be Sunshine” by Dr. Jean. While this doesn’t have lyrics that are specifically about school or graduation, it’s just a really sweet song that has a soothing melody and will make kids feel really special. The lyrics can also be interpreted as a message of reminding kids to always be themselves, no matter what.


“Graduation Song for Preschoolers” by Little Story Bug

The title of this song, “Graduation Song for Preschoolers,” is pretty straightforward: this is a sing-along song for kids that goes into all of the details of leaving behind a school year. With sweet lyrics about what they learned in preschool and what they can expect on their graduation day, this is a great song to play before graduation.


“I’m Big” by Wayne Potash

I’m Big” by Wayne Potash is another song that just might make you tear up, with lyrics about your little one growing up and moving on up in the world. It has a catchy tune and kids will love singing along to it. It’s also a reminder that your kids are growing up, which is never that easy to accept.


“ABC You Later” by Obie Leff

Found on the Sing To Learn YouTube channel, “ABC You Later” is an awesome pick. The song goes through the letters of the alphabet, with clever lyrics like, “ABC you later,” so it’s a way for kids to learn without even realizing they’re doing so. We also love that the video includes sign language, which is another great learning tool, and also makes it accessible.


“Ready To Go” by Teacher Blessed

“Ready To Go” is a super simple graduation song that is easy for kids to sing along with, and includes some movements in the video that they can copy as well. With lyrics like, “The future’s looking good to me, I’m ready to go,” this is a perfect transitional song about going from one grade to the next. The melody is also not grating to listen to on a repetitive basis.


“On My Way” by Pevan and Sarah

“On My Way” is a cute song that helps kids say goodbye to preschool, going into goodbyes to friends and their teachers, and talking about everything they’ve learned. If they watch the video, it’s full of simple actions and movements they can copy so they can sing and dance to this one on their own.


“Baby Shark Graduation Parody” by Happy Tunes

It wouldn’t be a list of toddler songs without at least one mention of “Baby Shark.” This graduation parody of the beloved song is one that they’re basically guaranteed to love. Instead of the words you’re used to hearing, there are lyrics like, “Lots of learning” and “year is gone.” Just like the original, it’s impossible to get out of your head and is very easy for your little one to get into.


“Goodbye Song for Children” by Miss Linky

Saying goodbye to their classmates, friends, and teachers can be a tough concept for your preschool aged toddler to grasp. The “Goodbye Song for Children” makes a great preschool graduation song because it will help teach them how to say goodbye. While it’s not specifically about graduating, it still works, and it’s very easy for them to remember.


“Let’s Graduate” by The Kiboomers

OK, we’re sorry in advance, but get ready for this impossibly catchy melody to get stuck in your head for the next several weeks. “Let’s Graduate” by The Kiboomers is an easy one for kids to remember and sing along to, and the words are all about graduating and saying goodbye to their preschool year. The video, which features cute moving illustrations of kids in graduation robes, is fun for them to watch as well.


“One Small Voice” by Jack Hartman

“One Small Voice” is actually a beloved kindergarten graduation song, but it works just as well for preschool. In the song, toddlers are singing the lyrics (something kids always love), which are so sweet and thoughtful. If you watch the video (skip to 2:00 for the beginning of the song), you’ll see Hartman singing in sign language.


“Preschool Graduation Song” by Ruby Ann Garcia

This super straightforward song, titled “Preschool Graduation Song,” is all about leaving the year behind. With lyrics like, “We can write our name, spell it out loud and clear,” this song goes into what your child has learned the last few months. It also says a big thank you to everyone involved in their year, and goes into some sweet goodbyes.

Music is such a fun way to teach your kids things like how to say goodbye and how to get ready for something new, which is exactly why these preschool graduation songs make an excellent addition to their big day. Play these well in advance of graduation to really help prepare them, and be prepared to have some of these stuck in your head for quite a while.

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