Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated 73 years of marriage.
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Prince George & Princess Charlotte Got Crafty For Their Gift To The Queen

They even made a super adorable anniversary card

What do you get for the great-grandparents who have everything? I mean, literally everything they could ever possibly want, including castles and tiaras and millions of people across the planet who adore them. That level of everything. You go homemade, obviously, like Prince Louis, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte's sweet gift to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on the occasion of their 73rd wedding anniversary. Let's face it, after more than seven decades of anniversaries, they've probably seen it all. So a bright, homemade card from their great-grandkids is just about the most delightful gift they can hope for. And judging by the looks on their faces, the Cambridge kids nailed it.

On Thursday the royal family released a gorgeous new portrait of 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth and her 99-year-old husband on the occasion of their 73rd wedding anniversary. The official Instagram page of the Royal Family shared the photo, which was taken by royal photographer Chris Jackson at Windsor Castle earlier in the week, with the caption, "Her Majesty and His Royal Highness are seen looking at an anniversary card made by Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, alongside other cards and letters sent by well-wishers."

The front of the card featured big bright circles that were colored in by the royal kids and the number "73," which Prince Philip appeared to find just absolutely delightful.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip enjoy a homemade card from their great-grandchildren.

The royal family has a longstanding tradition of giving either homemade gifts or gag gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Kate Middleton has gifted Queen Elizabeth with homemade chutney for Christmas in the past, while Prince Harry once bought his grandmother a shower cap that read "Ain't Life A B**ch" (which reportedly made her laugh).

Kate Middleton and Prince William seem to be passing along the homemade gift gene to 7-year-old Prince George, 5-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 2-year-old Prince Louis. When Middleton celebrated Mother's Day back in March as is customary in the United Kingdom, the couple shared a series of photos that included a special card Prince George had made for her featuring tissue paper flowers and a painting of a vase.

The royal kids have even tried their hand at food gifts. For Remembrance Day they helped their mom bake cupcakes decorated with little poppies to give to veterans at the Royal British Legion. And what's more, those cupcakes actually looked great. Anyone who has baked with kids know what a true triumph that feels like.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have enjoyed a lifetime of anniversaries, presumably filled with extravagant gifts and travel and all that being royalty entails. So a beautiful little card made by their beautiful little great-grandchildren is truly a gift worth celebrating.

As is 73 years of marriage.