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Prince Louis Gives Solid Advice To England’s National Soccer Team

“Take it with a grain of salt,” cautioned Prince William.

Prince William, future King of England and President of the Football Association, spent time with England’s national soccer team on Monday ahead of their departure for the the UEFA EURO 2024 tournament in Germany later this week. The Prince of Wales wanted to offer his well wishes to England’s team as a fan, but also had a bit of advice for them. Not his own advice, but words of wisdom from his 6-year-old son, Prince Louis. Who knew just what to tell the soccer players to help them on their road to success?

The dad of three told the soccer team that he had asked his children — Louis, 10-year-old Prince George and 9-year-old Princess Charlotte — if they had any advice before the big tournament. “The best bit of advice I got was to eat twice the amount you normally would eat!” Prince William told the squad, per People. He went on to add that the advice had him conjuring up “visions of you running around with massive great tummies. So maybe take my youngest’s advice with a pinch of salt, particularly around the physio team.”

I disagree with Prince William about Prince Louis’ advice. It’s actually quite sound. Open Goaaal recommends a game day diet consisting of a hearty breakfast, lots of protein, and plenty of snacks throughout the day. So perhaps not twice the amount that Prince Louis recommended, but he was on the right track. Pretty impressive for a 6-year-old.

Prince Louis had good advice for the soccer players.DANIEL LEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Of course, it’s important to remember that Prince Louis is 6, so his advice might ultimately just be self-serving more than it is based on any kind of research. Perhaps he’s thinking of his own sports days and all of the extra snacks he can get if he encourages this line of thinking with his dad. Certainly, the youngest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton has loads of energy he needs to burn. Fortunately, he’s very good at doing so: a daily bounce on the backyard trampoline and a relaxing drive around the palace property in his toy car have served him well so far, and he surely needs lots of food to keep that energy up. So maybe England’s soccer team should heed his advice without that grain of salt after all.