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Prince Louis Says He Looks "Like Grandpa" King Charles In Cute Video

Louis, you jokester.

Prince Louis is a big fan of his grandpa King Charles III. So much so that during a recent volunteer outing with his parents, he couldn’t help bringing his grandpa into the conversation. Especially since he thought he looked “like Grandpa” during a painting project.

The 5-year-old youngest son of Kate Middleton and Prince William volunteered for The Big Help Out with his entire family on Sunday as part of King Charles’ coronation celebrations. While there, Prince Louis took his volunteer tasks very seriously. Including a painting project he was completing with 8-year-old sister Princess Charlotte. As the two worked away on painting a planter together, Princess Charlotte noted that Prince Louis had “white hair now” after he got paint in his hair.

“I look like grandpa,” he replied without missing a beat, diligently continuing to paint the planter.

To be fair, Prince Louis and his siblings, including 9-year-old brother Prince George, have another grandfather as well and he didn’t specify which grandpa he meant. But the Princess of Wales’ father Michael Middleton has more of a salt and pepper tone to his hair, while King Charles leans more towards a full white head of hair. So assumptions were naturally made.

Prince Louis and King Charles have long enjoyed a particularly special bond, which was on full display when Prince Louis joined his family at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee last June. The young royal was having the time of his life during the celebrations, dancing and jumping around beside mom Kate Middleton. But when it was time for him to settle down and relax, he asked to sit with his grandpa. And the two cuddled up together to watch the Jubilee Parade looking content as anything. King Charles even dropped a little kiss on his grandson’s head. Which tells me he would in no way mind Prince Louis’ comment about his white hair.

King Charles has been top of mind for many people since his coronation, of course. He is officially the king now, with Brits singing “God Save The King” in his honor and everything. Well, most Brits. Prince Louis sat at his grandfather’s coronation and was seen belting out “God Save The Queen” despite his grandfather’s new status.

I guess everyone needs someone in their life to keep them humble. And for King Charles, that person is Prince Louis.