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Princess Charlotte Looks SO Much Like Prince William In Her 8th Birthday Photo

She sure does look a lot like her dad when he was a little boy of the same age.

It’s a big week for the royal family right now. Not only is King Charles’ coronation just around the corner, but also there are a few royal birthdays happening. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest son Prince Louis turned 5 years old last week, while their daughter Princess Charlotte turned 8 on May 2. As is their custom, the couple shared a photo of their daughter to celebrate her big day. And all anyone can talk about after seeing her new photo is how much she looks like her dad.

In her new birthday photo, Princess Charlotte is wearing a sundress while lounging in a white wicker chair, a big grin on her face with her hair down. “Wishing Princess Charlotte a very happy birthday! 8 tomorrow,” read the caption, and Princess Charlotte’s mom Kate Middleton, always the family photographer, was the one who took the photo.

Along with well-wishes for the only daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales on her birthday, royal fans truly could not get over how much she looked like her dad Prince William when he was a little boy of the same age.

Princess Charlotte’s birthday photo looks like her dad.Prince and Princess of Wales/Instagram
Prince William and Princess Charlotte look a lot alike.Tim Graham/Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

“Sweet girl is so so big (and still her dad’s twin)! Happy birthday Charlotte,” wrote one social media follower. “Looks so much like her dad in this shot!! Just beautiful. Happy Charlotte day!” wrote another. One more added, “Love this natural picture of Princess Charlotte! (She really is William's twin!) Happy birthday!”

Princess Charlotte has long been compared to her dad when he was a young boy, although no one can deny she has her mom Kate Middleton’s hair. She has also been compared to her late great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth when she was a child, and certainly she does appear to have a similar smile. But then, Prince William also takes after his own mother Princess Diana. So perhaps there is some of “Granny Diana” in Princess Charlotte as well.

While both Princess Charlotte and 9-year-old brother Prince George have been called their dad’s twins in the past, their youngest brother Prince Louis is the one who has always been compared to the Middleton side of the family. He seems to look the most like his mom, but as all parents know, there’s no telling what the future will bring. The royal kids will change as they get older, and we can’t wait to see it.