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Rihanna Opened Up About How She's Been Handling Her Postpartum Hair Loss

“I didn’t expect it to happen in waves.”

After welcoming her two sons, Rihanna admitted at the launch of her Fenty Hair line that she has been experiencing postpartum hair loss “in waves” that she didn’t expect.

Rihanna, who shares 2-year-old son RZA and 10-month-old son Riot Rose with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, spoke to Refinery29 about what it’s been like for her to experience postpartum hair loss, which she noted was “not on the pamphlet” for her postpartum life. “I didn’t expect it to happen in waves. I thought it would just happen and grow back,” she told the outlet. “There would be this spot, then this spot, then this spot, and at that point it was like ‘enough is enough.’”

Postpartum hair loss affects a whopping 91% of new moms, according to the National Institute of Health, and it can be incredibly stressful. Especially for moms like Rihanna who might have been prepared for pregnancy hormones to cause hair loss but didn’t realize it would continue for several months after giving birth. Dermatologist Dr. Laura Scott told Romper in 2022 that “after delivery, the hormones change and many of those hairs that should have fallen during pregnancy now get the message that it's time to get ready to fall. Typically about two to three months after delivery is when we see the hair loss start.”

In Rihanna’s case, she decided to “embrace” the postpartum hair loss by getting “more creative and clever” with the hairstyles she chose.

While postpartum hair loss can be upsetting for new moms, it isn’t stopping Rihanna from considering her next pregnancy. She did clear up at the launch of Fenty Hair that she is not pregnant right now, and would like to “get my six-pack back first” before having another baby. But she did admit in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she would be into more children. “You know what, I hope so. I do,” she told the outlet when asked if she wants more kids before doubling down by saying, “I’m not pregnant, if that’s what you’re asking.” Still, the singer admitted, “I would definitely have more kids.”

She does not have a daughter yet, after all, “Of course!” Rihanna told Extra when asked if she wanted a daughter. “A spicy little girl would be so fun.”

Rihanna really does have a great attitude about postpartum hair loss. Get creative, get clever. And remember it will grow back.