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7-Year-Old Dream Kardashian Recorded Her First Song & It's All About Her Besties

It will give “Rise & Shine” a run for its money.

Being a member of the Kardashian family goes hand-in-hand with being something of a creative entrepreneur. They can’t stop themselves from creating products and content, it’s in their blood. Look at Rob Kardashian’s daughter Dream, for example. She just recorded her first song at just 7 years old, and it’s a catchy little banger.

Little Dream took part in a sweet dance recital over the weekend with her Kardashian cousins, Khloé’s 6-year-old daughter True and Kim’s 6-year-old daughter Chicago. All three girls were dressed for the occasion in matching pink tutus and full makeup, which Khloé explained on Instagram was “for the recital only” because the girls are “beautiful just as they are.” Dream had so much fun at her recital that she was inspired to record a song, “Besties Do It Better,” which her mother Blac Chyna shared on Instagram.

“Dream’s the Queen,” Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, captioned the video. “These are the moments I live for.”

The lyrics to “Besties Do It Better” prove Dream really is the queen. She sings about it in her song. “Besties do it better / BFF forever / Besties do it better / Besties do it better / That’s my friend forever / I want my friend forever / Besties do it better / Besties do it better,” Dream sings along to a catchy beat. “It’s Dream / I’m on the scene / And I’m the queen / There’s no time to be mean.”

We can only hope she and her besties, namely True and Chicago and presumably Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi, will choreograph a besties dance to go along with the song. We’ve certainly seen her bust a move at her aunt Khloé’s house with True and 2-year-old Tatum when they have their pajama dance parties.

While Dream clearly had a blast recording a song, her mom told Entertainment Tonight in 2023 that she wants her daughter to wait until she’s older to follow her passion. “I’m gonna let her do whatever she wants once she’s of-age,” she told the outlet at the time. “I feel like, just in general, my kids are going to be burnt out from TV and paparazzi and this and that. I’d like for them to be sheltered and have their imagination. That’s really important for me. The kids grow up so fast. Childhood’s so short. It’s so short.”

So short. But made better with besties.