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Ryan Gosling's Daughters Have The Best Nickname For Emily Blunt

“They’re like, ‘you working with Mary Poppins today?’”

Ryan Gosling has admitted that his daughters are largely disinterested in his films. He is their dad, after all, and like most kids they generally aren’t terribly invested in what their parents do for a living. Which is why it’s exciting for the dad of two when they do show an interest in his work and, most recently, his co-stars. Gosling’s daughters were interested in his new role in The Fall Guy with Emily Blunt, simply because he was working with “Mary Poppins,” as they called her. Because let’s be honest, that is actually a pretty big deal.

Gosling, who shares 9-year-old Esmerelda and 7-year-old Amada with Eva Mendes, recently sat down with his Fall Guy co-star (and former Barbenheimer nemesis) to discuss their new movie with TODAY. When asked if their kids will get to see The Fall Guy, which comes out in theaters on May 3, Gosling responded, “they’re not interested.” Blunt, who shares 9-year-old Hazel and 7-year-old Violet with husband John Krasinski, agreed. “They don’t want to watch us in films.”

Although Blunt did admit that her daughters “love him so deeply,” referring to Gosling, although he suspected it was more about his Oscar-nominated role as Ken in the Barbie movie than anything else. “They’re very interested in what his hair looks like,” Blunt agreed. As for Gosling’s daughters, they also only see Blunt for one particular role. “They call her ‘Mary Poppins,’” he admitted, referring to Blunt’s role in the 2018 Disney movie Mary Poppins Returns. “They’re like, ‘you working with Mary Poppins today?”

It’s probably a good thing that Gosling’s daughters are not interested in seeing The Fall Guy. We would hate to see their Mary Poppins bubble burst or even see their dad kissing the woman who played the beloved British nanny as Blunt plays Gosling’s love interest in the film. Best not to shatter their illusions just yet, perhaps.

Besides, Esmerelda and Amada have already done a full shift of being invested in their dad’s movies. They famously were the impetus behind his decision to take on the role of Ken after he saw the cavalier way they disposed of their own Ken doll in the backyard. And they even learned his choreography with him for his Oscar-nominated song “I’m Just Ken,” proudly sharing in an interview last July that his daughters knew the dance “better than I did by the time I was ready to do it because I had been working on it at home.”

That’s enough Hollywood for these two girls for the moment. Let them hold on to that Mary Poppins fantasy.