Ryan Gosling Says His Daughters Were His “Coaches” On The Barbie Movie Set

“They knew it better than I did by the time I was ready to do it because I had been working on it at home.”

As fans of playing with Barbies themselves, no one would blame Ryan Gosling’s two daughters for feeling a bit weird about their dad playing Ken in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, out on July 21. And according to their dad, it did take them a minute to embrace his “Kenergy.” But once they got on board, they really got on board. To the point where they started coaching him for a pivotal scene in the movie.

Gosling and his Barbie co-star Margot Robbie recently sat down for an interview with Extra TV to discuss their roles in one of the mist highly anticipated movies of the summer. For Gosling, it was a role he was meant to play, as far as Robbie and director Gerwig were concerned. “Ryan was our dream choice for this role,” Robbie explained. “Greta wrote his name into the script.” Gosling clearly agreed, which was great for his 8-year-old daughter Esmerelda and 7-year-old daughter Amada, who she shares with partner Eva Mendes. “They were very supportive, and a little confused,” Gosling said of his daughters’ reaction to his role. “They were like, ‘Why would you want to be Ken?’”

After the initial confusion, his daughters remained supportive, enough so that they became his little Ken coaches for a scene in the movie. “I had to practice a lot to do. They knew it better than I did by the time I was ready to do it because I had been working on it at home. So they came to set and they were behind the camera. My coaches.”

Gosling’s two daughters also sort of accidentally inspired their dad to play Ken after he found a Ken doll face down in the mud in his yard. He looked at the doll, he told GQ, and thought, “This guy’s story needs to be told.”

While his daughters might have been on set to see that part of the movie, they apparently have not seen the entire film yet. After telling Entertainment Tonight that his daughters had seen “lots of pieces” of Barbie, he went on to explain, “Well, it was, I think, weird enough for them that I played Ken anyway. I might like, you know, just hold off on them seeing the full Ken energy.”

As long as they get to see the whole thing at some point. They did inspire him, after all.