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Serena Williams' Daughter Named A New Pet Chicken After A PAW Patrol Character

Olympia is a big fan of Chickaletta!

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are now the proud owners of pet chickens. And best of all, the couple’s 3-year-old daughter had the honor of naming them. No, she didn’t pick some generic or boring names; the young girl got creative. In fact, Olympia named one chicken after a PAW Patrol character.

Ohanian shared a photo of the family’s new chickens in an Instagram post on March 19. The Reddit co-founder revealed Olympia had named them Chickaletta, Minnie, Daisy, and Bum-Bum. Yoga teacher and family friend, Rachel Brathen, commented under the post, “No surprise on the chickaletta.” The Reddit co-founder responded with laughing emojis, “ Right!”

According to her parents, the names were inspired by characters from Olympia’s favorite TV shows, one of which is PAW Patrol. Chickaletta, of course, is the pampered chicken from PAW Patrol who gets around town in Mayor Goodway’s purse. Chickaletta is also one of Olympia’s favorite characters from the show, as her dad shared in 2020 when he made his daughter a Chickaletta pancake. “It finally happened. chickaletta has her day,” Ohanian captioned a video of the pancake on Twitter.

The other chickens are Disney-inspired. Minnie’s name comes from Minnie Mouse, of course, and Daisy is named after Donald Duck’s better half. However, where there inspiration for Bum-Bum comes from remains a mystery.

Over the past few months, Ohanian and Williams have taken up a more agricultural lifestyle. In addition to their chickens, Ohanian has shared photos of pigeon peas they grew in their farm and their “farm dog” walking around in a field.

Considering Williams is vegan, her family is probably able to enjoy some farm-to-table dishes. The tennis pro told the Zoe Report in a February 2021 interview that she loves “a good hummus and veggie plate.”

Now, Olympia isn’t the only celebrity toddler with chickens in her backyard. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nearly 2-year-old son Archie has a chicken coop named after him, affectionately called "Archie's Chick Inn." Who knows, maybe Chickaletta will make a visit to the royal “chick inn.” After all, Williams and Markle are pretty good friends.