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Elmo Has A New Song To Help Little Kids Feel Better When They're Sick

Even Elmo gets stuffy noses.

Over the past year, kids have probably heard more talk about sickness than ever before. Between quarantine, masks, and remote school, COVID-19 has changed so much. So it's always a delight when everyone's favorite furry red monster can offer a little comfort. For instance, the next time your kiddo comes down with a cold, let them watch Sesame Street's new "Feel Better Song." In the video, Elmo is sick in bed and a bit scared of what's happening, but his dad Louie reassures him he will feel better through a cute song.

Sesame Workshop and SC Johnson have partnered up for a global initiative, #CaringForEachOther, to promote healthy and environmentally sustainable habits for kids, parents, and caregivers to last a lifetime through fun videos. "It’s important that we all work together to help children respond to challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic," SC Johnson CEO and Chairman Fisk Johnson said in a statement shared with Romper. "Our goal is to combine our expertise in science and innovation with Sesame Workshop’s decades of experience in educating and connecting with children so we can equip them with the skills needed to lead healthier and more environmentally-conscious lives."

The first of these videos — Elmo's new "Feel Better Song" — features Elmo sick in bed with a cold. His dad Louie comes in to make him feel better and to tell him this sick feeling won't last forever before Elmo's doctor joins via video call. "Guess what? Elmo's going to be OK!" the doctor tells Elmo, a scene to will surely help familiarize kids with telehealth services as well.

With lyrics like "You're gonna feel better" and "I'll take care of you," Sesame Street's "Feel Better Song" is all about comfort, reassurance, and reminding kids that time and rest will see them playing outside another day.

Elmo and his dad sing the "Feel Better Song."

Kids can check out other videos from Sesame Workshop and SC Johnson like "Bathtime Bop," which is all about staying clean and germ-free. There's also a read-along bedtime story kids can watch designed to help reinforce healthy family routines.

Sesame Workshop has really gone above and beyond throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, whether they're creating fresh content to keep kids entertained or putting out Town Halls with CNN to keep families informed. And with allergy season here and kids catching colds, watching Elmo work through his sniffles and chills will certainly bring comfort to little kids, too.