31 Sexy Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix When The Mood Strikes

Get ready for serious chills.

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If you want to get your heart racing for more than one reason, then watch a scary movie with some racy scenes in it. As the sexy horror movies on Netflix prove, these two elements go together quite well. Hey, you aren’t the first person to have a little crush on Jason Voorhees.

And because horror has about a zillion different sub-genres, there’s a little something for everyone. Do you like throwback teen scream slasher flicks? Try The Babysitter or Prom Night, which feature young adults desperately trying to escape a mysterious killer (or killers). If gripping psychological dramas are more your speed, then there’s Secret Obsession or Things Seen & Heard, which concern the secrets that can rot away a seemingly perfect relationship. And lastly, for based-on-a-true story thrillers, consider Adrift or The Strangers, where simply surviving nature (or a group of mysterious intruders) is the entire story. Oh, and don’t forget about the whole sex aspect. For some films, such as Cam, the sexy parts are all front-and-center, whereas other films are a little more subdued with the eroticism. (And some films made the list simply because the lead actors are total smokeshows.) Whether the horror elements are based in reality, psychology, or the supernatural, these sexy-scary Netflix movies are well worth a watch.



Based on true events, this 2018 film shows a young couple’s sailing adventure turn into a nightmare scenario when a hurricane catches them by surprise. Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin star in this gripping nautical thriller.


The Babysitter

When Cole learns that his super-cool, popular babysitter is actually in a satanic cult, he’s in for the shock of a lifetime. This 2017 horror comedy is fast-paced, funny, and filled with some pretty memorable character deaths.


The Babysitter: Killer Queen

What would a horror movie be without a sequel? Now in high school, Cole has to deal with the fallout from his run-in with the cult from years before in this 2020 movie.


Between Worlds

When the spirit of Joe’s dead wife begins to inhabit his daughter’s body, the line between the living and the dead gets blurred. This 2018 Nicolas Cage movie is a supernatural thriller that goes in some unexpected directions.


The Bridge Curse

University students trying to get through a bravery test find more than they asked for with The Bridge Curse. Who is the ghost that haunts this particular location on campus?



A camgirl discovers her entire channel has been stolen in 2018’s Cam. Is there a supernatural reason this doppelganger is so set on destroying Alice’s life?


Creep 2

While making a video about online personal ads, Sara happens upon a fellow filmmaker who invites her to collaborate. But this project may be her last.


Dark Forces

A 2020 film noir, Dark Forces follows a man searching for his sister at a rough-and-tumble hotel. What is going on with this building, its mysterious guests, and staff?


Deadly Illusions

The line between reality and fantasy gets blurred in this sexy 2021 thriller, where a bestselling novelist goes a little too far into her fictional world. And what’s up with Grace, the new babysitter who seems too good to be true?


Death Of Me

Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth star in this horror movie about a couple trying to reconstruct the previous night’s events through the fog of a serious hangover. Did one of them actually attempt murder, as the footage on their camera shows?


Fatal Affair

A chance encounter with an old friend turns Ellie’s happy life into a waking nightmare. The horror of an unrelenting stalker is examined in Fatal Affair, starring Nia Long and Omar Epps.


Fear Street: Part One — 1994

A classic teen scream based on the R.L. Stine books, Fear Street follows a group of teenage friends as they try to solve the murders that have taken place in Shadyside for centuries. Plus, there are two more films if you get into the story.


Girl On The Third Floor

A freaky take on the haunted house genre, 2019’s Girl on the Third Floor turns a family’s hopeful home renovation into a total nightmare scenario. It’s a gory, scare-filled film starring C.M. Punk.


Gerald’s Game

An attempt to spice up their marriage goes horribly wrong for a couple in Gerald’s Game. Based on a Stephen King story, it’s a haunting reminder to always use handcuffs with a safety release valve for sex play.


Ghost Stories

Four short films make up 2020’s Ghost Stories, an Indian anthology film. Family drama, zombies, curses, and a very devoted grandmother ghost make up this scary collection of tales.



A writer who is unable to hear or speak discovers she is not alone in her remote home when a masked killer intrudes. Containing only 15 minutes of dialogue, the film follows her intense fight to survive. (And really, isn’t that final girl energy one of the best things about a horror movie?)


I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

When hospice nurse Lily takes a job to care for aging horror author Iris Blum, the carer learns that Blum’s mansion is filled with eerie spectres. Will she ever leave this haunted home?


The Invitation

An intense psychological drama, The Invitation follows a man who accepts an invitation to a party hosted by his ex-wife. And then things take a serious downturn, because this part seems to have a sinister purpose.


The Invisible Guest

When businessman Adrián Doria wakes up next to the deceased body of his lover, he’s immediately arrested under suspicion of murder. It’s up to his lawyer, Virginia Goodman, to uncover the truth behind this twisted chain of events.


Prom Night

What happens when the most-hyped night of high school turns into a deadly affair? Brittany Snow stars as Donna in this 2008 slasher.



Bhawra falls in love with Roohi, but there’s just one problem: she’s possessed by the demonic spirit Afza. Oh, and Bhawra’s best friend Kattanni happens to fall in love with Afza. Romance gets complicated in 2021’s horror comedy Roohi.


Secret Obsession

Brenda Song stars as Jennifer, a woman in the care of her husband following a devastating attack. Is Jennifer experiencing memory issues from the trauma, or is there something sinister going on with the spouse?



Following an accident, a photographer and his girlfriend are puzzled by strange shadows on their photographs in this 2004 film. The bizarre, sometimes supernatural images hint at a sinister secret in the couple’s past.


Strange But True

A woman announces her pregnancy to her boyfriend’s family. The only issue? He died five years earlier.


The Strangers

In 2008’s The Strangers, a couple’s romantic getaway is interrupted when a group of masked strangers invades their remote summer home. What do these haunting, axe-wielding people want?


Things Heard & Seen

Starring Amanda Seyfried and James Norton, 2021’s Things Heard & Seen shows a young couple moving into their new Hudson Valley home. But it turns out the house has some dark mysteries, and their marriage is plagued by hidden secrets, too.


Truth Or Dare

A game of Truth or Dare has some very real and frightening consequences for a group of friends in this 2018 feature. Lacy Hale stars in this film where refusing to tell the truth could have deadly consequences.


Velvet Buzzsaw

A series of seemingly haunted paintings appear to enact revenge on people who value money over artistic vision. This 2019 horror mystery is also a clever look at the art community overall.


What Lies Below

A teenager suspects her mom’s seemingly ideal new boyfriend isn’t all he seems. Is he even human?


The Woman In The Window

A woman with agoraphobia, Anna happens to watch a terrible crime take place from the vantage point of her apartment window. But suspicion soon turns back on Anna and her reliability as a witness. Can she trust her neighbors, or are Anna’s alleged hallucinations actually real?


You Get Me

A seemingly quick fling turns dangerous when Holly develops a serious infatuation with Tyler. Starring Bella Thorne, Halston Sage, and Taylor John Smith, You Get Me shows the potential dark side of young love.

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