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Shot of a little girl wearing fairy wings and a crown while playing in her bedroom
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10 Shows For Kids Who Like Fairies

It’s magic, ya know.

People have been fascinated with the idea of fairies since at least the 12th century when Gervase of Tilbury began writing about the enchanted creatures. Tiny winged people who live in the forest, the concept of them has mesmerized children especially for generations. Naturally, television entertainment has capitalized on this fascination and these 10 shows are perfect for kids who like fairies.

Some are silly stories, others more dramatic tales, but all of them feature the fantastical sprites flying around and most often saving the day. Whether your child is interested in a modern day fractured fairytale or a classic story, like, for instance, “David the Gnome,” there’s plenty to be found on streaming sites.

And as you might expect, the cast of characters in these shows is heavy on the supernatural as well, so even if you have another child who is more #TeamElf than #TeamFairy, you’re likely to find programming to suit everyone. Just be prepared to break out the sequins and glue gun to start making some wings. It would be hard for any child to watch these shows and not profess a deep need for a fairy costume the minute the TV show ends.


“Butterbean’s Cafe”

How’s this for adorable? A fairy named Butterbean runs a cafe in her town of Puddlebrook. Already, you can see the opportunity for optimum sweetness. Naturally, as she serves her friends a host of adventures happen along the way.

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Based on the book Pearlie the Park Fairy, this cartoon follows a fashionable young fairy who has just graduated from fairy school. But it’s no easy thing to be out in the real world. Fairies must never been seen by humans making her job running Jubilee Park at Fairy Headquarters all the more tricky.

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“Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom”

Holly is a fairy princess. Ben is an elf. Together they’re unstoppable. When Holly’s magical powers go awry, Ben’s there to help her through.

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“Ever After High”

Based on a fashion doll franchise, Ever After High follows a cast of fairytale creatures at a boarding school in Fairy Tale Land. And, as you might have guessed, Farrah Goodfairy — the daughter of Cinderella’s fairy godmother — is included among them.

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“Winx Club”

Alfea School for Fairies is no ordinary educational institution. So when Bloom, a special Earth girl with magical powers, enters, she must make friends with real fairies to help save the world from dark forces. Thus the Winx Club of 6 powerful girls is born.

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“The Fairies”

Two fairies, Harmony and Rainbow Rhapsody, host this live-action show for kids. Filled with songs and dance routines, this Australian show is great for young fairy lovers.

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“David the Gnome”

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably remember David the Gnome, a sweet forest creature and doctor who, with his wife, rescues animals and fights trolls. Not surprisingly, they run into the occasional fairy too.

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“Rainbow Ruby”

This CGI animated kid’s series stars Ruby, a girl who can transform herself to solve various problems. Along the way she meets other characters like Princess Kiki, a porcelain princess doll, and Felicia, a fairy doll, who help her.

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“The Fairly OddParents”

Originally a show on Nickelodeon, this cartoon follows Timmy, who has lived a tough life until he’s gifted two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, who grant his ever wish. Dream come true, right?

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“Mia and Me”

Is Mia an elf? Is she a fairy? Does it matter? She has cute wings and when she’s transported to the magical world of Centopia her secret ability to talk to unicorns comes to life.

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Now go grab a wand, -er, remote, and make some fairy magic happen.