Good Grief!

Charlie Brown and Snoopy are in a new movie.
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Charlie Brown & Snoopy Go To The Big City In A Brand New Peanuts Movie

Snoopy looks right at home!

The Peanuts gang all live over at Apple TV+ now, and the streaming service is really leaning on all all levels. Not just with a whole host of new Peanuts specials, but now Snoopy and Charlie Brown are getting their own original feature length film. And we know that Lucy in particular is getting ready for her close up because that’s just how Lucy rolls.

The new movie follows Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang as they head off for “an epic adventure to the Big City, learning the true meaning of friendship, while meeting some surprising new friends along the way,” according to a press release from Apple TV+. Considering they almost never leave their little town, which was reportedly based on Peanuts’ creator Charles Schulz’ hometown of Santa Rosa, California, this trip is going to be a big deal for Charlie Brown, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and the rest of the group. Although Snoopy, adventurous dog that he is, will probably be just fine. That beagle is nothing if not resourceful.

A first look at the new movie bodes well for Snoopy. He is grinning on a billboard in what could be Times Square in New York City, while Charlie Brown is looking faintly uncomfortable on a smaller billboard beside him.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown are getting a feature film.WildBrain

This as-yet-untitled film was co-written by the Peanuts’ creators son Craig Schulz and grandson Bryan Schulz. “It is so special to carry on my father’s legacy with an original story from me, my son Bryan, and his writing partner Neil,” Craig Schulz said in a statement. He went on to add that “Peanuts fans have been clamoring for another feature for years, and this film will bring joy to our millions of fans around the world.” This new Peanuts movie begins production in 2024, and no release date has yet been set.

Craig and Bryan Schulz also co-wrote the 2015 full-length animated feature film The Peanuts Movie, where our reluctant hero took to the skies with his beagle best friend to fight Snoopy’s arch-nemesis.

While we wait for the Peanuts gang to head off on adventures in the Big City, there are plenty of amazing new specials to watch on Apple TV+ in the meantime. Like Snoopy Presents: One-Of-A Kind Marcie, which sees a little-known character like Marcie take the spotlight, whether she wants it or not. And everyone’s favorite character Lucy gets to run her own school in Lucy’s School. And let’s never forget all the holiday classics we can find on Apple TV+.

It’s a Peanuts world out there. And we’re happy just to be living in it.