Taylor Swift has a tight bond with Alicia Keys' son Genesis.
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Taylor Swift Reunited With Alicia Keys' 8-Year-Old Son Genesis & Wrote Him A Sweet Note

“Gen. Hi my friend.”

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Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys’ 8-year-old son Genesis have a sweet little history together. A history that, busy as the singer might be with her Eras tour, she took a moment to recognize and acknowledge with a lovely note. Because Taylor Swift is clearly everyone’s favorite aunt, showing up for her friends’ kids on a whole different level.

Keys, who shares Genesis and 12-year-old son Egypt with husband Swizz Beatz, took to Instagram to share her son’s journey with Swift. Back in 2019, Genesis was just 4 years old and sitting on his dad’s lap at the iHeartRadio Music Awards when he spotted Swift sitting a few seats away. He looked her way and waved, and she looked his way to wave back. It was an adorable moment that started them on their friendship journey, culminating in a sweet moment on her Eras tour on Sunday.

Keys posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram share her appreciation for Swift’s kindness to her son. “Big love to @taylorswift for your big beautiful spirit that makes everyone feel loved!” she captioned her post. “Genesis adores u.”

The mom of two went on to share a video of the moment Genesis opened up a handwritten card Swift had sent her son after the concert which read, “Gen. Hi my friend. I was so excited when I heard you were coming tonight. I hope you have so much fun at the show, and I’ll be waving at you.”

Genesis said he would frame the special card, and who could blame him?

Swift really went above and beyond, even posing for photos with Genesis and Keys after performing all night. And Keys’ Instagram followers couldn’t get enough of it. “I’ve never been so jealous of a child in my life,” wrote one social media user, while another wrote, “Love this so much, she (Taylor Swift) is so classy and humble just like you Alicia.”

It was very special to see two powerhouse performers celebrating each other and even, in their own way, taking a back seat to an excited little boy. All par for the course for Keys, who told Romper that she likes to embrace her silly side as a mom. “I just think it’s really awesome to practice not being so serious, having a really fun time and showing your kids that you can relax and be silly and playful as well,” she said in 2022.

What a night for Genesis. Getting silly with his mom, hanging out with Taylor Swift, and living his (and everyone else’s) best life.

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