But Daddy, *We* Love Him!

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If I Was Dating An NFL Star, My Dad Would Be As Extra As Scott Swift

Eagles? Never heard of 'em.

Scott Swift is easily one of the most supportive dads in the world. He’s been there with his daughter Taylor for decades as she’s become one of the most iconic musicians (and people!) of our time, and clearly, his support for her extends to her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Because despite being from Pennsylvania, and historically a Philadelphia Eagles fan, Papa Swift is completely decked out in Kansas City Chiefs gear. And honestly, he’s all of our dads if we were dating NFL superstars.

Literally, my dad has never watched a game of football in his life. But if the man I loved played for the Kansas City chiefs, he too would be wearing a Chiefs shirt, a Chiefs hat, and a Chiefs windbreaker. He would also be trying to get autographs from all of my friends in the suite, but that’s beside the point.

Scott Swift is in it to win it, and honestly, it’s enough to ask for your dad to like your partner, but to have this level of support? It doesn’t get much better. No cringe factor here. Just a guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to his daughter — and he seems totally fine with that.

So keep it up, Papa Swift. If Travis Kelce wins Super Bowl LVIII with his team, I fully expect you in Super Bowl-specific Chiefs gear at the first fall game. If Jason Kelce can rip his clothes off in support, I encourage you to just keep adding more.