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Did Kylie Kelce Choose Jason’s Overalls So He’d Stay Dressed?

This feels like a very specific mom-of-a-toddler-who-rips-their-diaper-off move.

It is well known that the Kelce brothers are big fans of each other, and when Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce played (and won) the AFC Championship Game, his big brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, was there to celebrate — by ripping his shirt off and letting out a war cry. In fact, Jason literally climbed out of the suite (where his wife Kylie Kelce had to tell someone else to tell her husband to “get your ass back inside”) to whoop it up with Chiefs fans and a million memes were born.

And Kylie Kelce? I’m thinking you had something to do with the fact that Jason Kelce is now wearing overalls to Super Bowl LVIII.

Look, it’s common sense. Kylie Kelce has three young daughters, so she knows all too well the game toddlers love to play where they discover how to pull their shirt off over the back of their head or take their diaper off and fill their crib with surprises for you. I’m not saying Kylie Kelce has to treat her husband like a toddler, but... he did once forget to pack his own pants for a press event. It’s all in good fun, and Kylie seems to take her husband’s personality in stride (and she does love the guy, so it’s not like she’s doing anything but rolling her eyes and thinking, “Oh my God, I love this dumb dumb.”)

But I still think the overalls were a smart idea.

On the other hand, if Jason picked these overalls for himself, I have some thoughts for you, sir. This is like being a woman in a romper — you never wear them if you’re going to be drinking at an event. Have you ever tried to undo your overalls when you’re three beers deep? What are you going to do when you look like Winnie-the-Pooh (especially in a red shirt) and trying to pull your overalls back up?

Proceed with caution, Jason Kelce. We’re rooting for you.