Ted Lasso Released A New Animated Christmas Short That Is So Wholesome & Kid-Friendly

Roy Kent even got bleeped.

If you’ve been looking for a way to introduce your kids to the feel-good magic that is Ted Lasso, buckle up. The entire Richmond gang got together for an animated Christmas short that is tailor-made to be watched by the whole family. Silly and funny, and Roy Kent’s profanity is bleeped out, which is a sure indicator that this was made for kids to watch, too.

Apple TV+ released The Missing Christmas Mustache, a four minute stop-motion animated short, on the streaming service and YouTube just in time for the holidays. All of the stars of the Emmy award-winning series were on hand to lend their voices to the sweet short: Jason Sudeikis (Lasso himself), Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard), Hannah Waddington (Rebecca), Juno Temple (Keeley), Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent), Nick Mohammed (Nate), Phil Dunster (Jamie Tartt), and Jeremy Swift (Higgins).

You can probably guess the plot from the title, but essentially here is what happens: Ted joins his AFC Richmond friends to say a nice “Merry Christmas” before heading home for a holiday FaceTime with his son Henry (who lives back in the United States) when he discovers he has lost his mustache.

‘Ted Lasso’ has a new holiday animated short.

Ted is especially distressed to find his mustache missing ahead of his FaceTime with Henry. He’s worried it will ruin Christmas for the little boy, so the whole Richmond gang pitches in to help find it for him. Hilarity ensues as they all come up empty-handed, even after Jamie smashes the window of a car with a rock to look for the mustache (“I don’t own a car,” Ted reminds him). Keeley tries to paint a mustache on with some makeup, Coach Beard apparently has a disguise kit at the ready. Even Roy Kent rips off his signature eyebrows to fashion a new mustache for Coach Lasso but they don’t work.

Finally, Ted comes to a realization after trying to make the holidays “perfect” for Henry; “It ain’t the end of the world. ‘Cause it’s not about making Christmas perfect for the people you love. It’s the people you love that make Christmas perfect.” His mustache grows back from the joy of Christmas, and everyone is happy.

A sweet message all wrapped up in a Ted Lasso Christmas short. This is very on brand for the heartwarming show.

And if you need a longer Christmas episode of Ted Lasso where the cast are live humans enjoying a holiday in London, check out Season 2, Episode 4 The Carol Of The Bells. It will warm the cockles of your heart, trust me.