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Everything You Need To Know About The Proud Family Reboot Coming To Disney+

Most exciting of all? The reboot will include LGBTQ+ representation

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It's been 16 long years since we've heard "TRUDY," but don't fret because a Proud Family reboot called The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is on its way. Disney has released an official first look at the animated series and more exciting news, including the addition of LGBTQ+ characters, so here is everything you need to know before it premieres next year.

The Proud Family Reboot Is Coming To Disney+

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is heading to Disney+ in the near future! "We're excited to bring The Proud Family back for original fans and also introduce this family to a whole new generation of fans," Bruce Smith, one of the producers behind The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, said in a sneak peek video shared on Feb. 26. The show is currently in production and is set to launch in 2022 on Disney+, according to Deadline.

Penny Proud Will Be In High School

Just like in the original series that aired from 2001 to 2005, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder will center around Penny Proud, a 14-year-old girl trying to navigate the ins and outs of school, boy crushes (like Johnny Lovely), and family, including her overbearing father Oscar. In the reboot, Penny is still "14 and loving it," according to Farquhar and Smith. However this time around, she will be dealing with the jungle of high school life, in addition to the family, guys, social media, and social causes, as BuzzFeed reported.

Kyla Pratt will return to voice Penny in the reboot. In an interview with TV Insider, the 34-year-old actress said the Disney show was part of her childhood for years and although she is excited about the reboot, she's feeling some nerves. "It was really scary at first, knowing it was coming back," she told TV Insider. "I hope we’re able to do it justice. A lot of things are getting rebooted and to me, it’s only best to go backwards if it’s going to be absolutely great."

And what's Penny Proud without her crew? Karen Malina White will return as Penny's BFF and partner-in-crime, Dijonay Jones. Soleil Moon Frye will also lend her voice to freckled-face Zoey Howzer and Alisa Reyes will voice Penny's frenemy, LaCienega Boulevardez. And new to the gang is a character named Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, voiced by Keke Palmer, whom the producers call "woke."

New Characters Include Gay Dads

The Proud Family was always one of those shows that went there, from racial discrimination and activism to feminism. And the reboot will be no different. Pose actor Billy Porter and Zachary Quinto will voice Randall and Barry-Leibowitz-Jenkins, the mixed-race, gay parents of 14-year-old- activist Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, voiced by Palmer.

Reality star and socialite EJ Johnson will voice Michael Collins, Penny’s fashion-forward, “non-conforming” best guy friend.

The Whole Proud Family Is Returning

Penny's twin siblings, BeBe and CeCe, are not babies anymore — they're toddlers! "They can talk ya'll, but it's all gibberish," Farquhar said in the sneak peek.

Trudy, Penny's mother, is the owner of her own veterinarian business, Trudy's Pet Ambulance. Penny's dad Oscar is "more overbearing than ever" and still holding it down with Proud Snacks. Uncle Bobby, Penny's uncle, is apparently still Suga Mama's favorite son. As for Suga Mama, the producers say she is still "the truth-teller of the family."

Tommy Davidson (Oscar Proud), Paula Jai Parker (Trudy Proud), Jo Marie Payton (Suga Mama), Cedric the Entertainer (Uncle Bobby) and the rest of the cast will all be reprising their roles in the Proud household.

You Can Watch The Original Proud Family Series Now

While we wait for The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder to premiere, whenever that may be, you can catch and introduce your kids to the entire original series streaming now on Disney+.

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