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The Teletubbies Sun Baby Is Pregnant & It's OK, Take A Minute To Let That Sink In

What will Tinky Wink think of this?

She was the laughing baby inside the sun at the beginning of every episode of Teletubbies. She giggled and smiled at Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po as the sun rose over the field, making everyone feel better. Including just about every millenial who watched Teletubbies when it first appeared in 1997 until it ended in 2001. Now that same baby is expecting her own baby, and we really don’t know how to feel.

Jess Smith, also known as Sun Baby, recently took to Instagram to reveal that she is expecting her first child with partner Ricky Latham. For the record, Smith is currently in her late 20s because time apparently goes on and the Sun Baby did not, in fact, remain a baby. On Tuesday, Smith shared a sonogram photo on Instagram and captioned it “When two becomes three,” tagging Latham in the photo as well.

Naturally, there were plenty of Teletubbies watchers who struggled to wrap their heads around the idea that the Sun Baby is going to have a baby. “The Teletubbies sun baby is having her own sun baby,” wrote one user, while another added, “Sun baby having a baby...damn I’m old af....congratulations mate.”

Smith kept her identity as the Sun Baby a secret until she was in her late teens, when her university friends encouraged her to come forward in 2014 after other people claimed to have been the baby instead. “When I was about 9 months old, my mum took me for a routine checkup at the local hospital,” she wrote at the time on Facebook, per an Instagram post reflecting back on her big reveal in 2021. “The midwife there has been contacted by a local production company who were looking for a smiley baby, and the midwife asked if my name could be submitted.”

Since then, according to that same Instagram post, life has been pretty exciting for the Sun Baby. “I’ve been to a number of premiers. Taught a dance routine to a group of kids at a screening of the new series. Met a bunch of celebrities. Appeared on lots of recording sets. Been taken to Germany for a tv show. And loads, loads more,” she shared.

And now, she’s going to be a mom. Smith didn’t share details about her baby’s due date or sex on Instagram, but there’s one thing we know for sure. Her baby will be full of sunshine.