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Tim Allen needed some questions answered in 'The Santa Clause.'
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Tim Allen Also Wants To Know What Happened To The Other Santa In The Santa Clause

“Did I kill him? Is he dead?”

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Tim Allen has been inexorably linked to his role as Scott Calvin/Santa Claus for nearly 30 years, and it’s a role he has loved. But that doesn’t mean the role didn’t bring up a lot of questions for the 70-year-old actor when he first saw the script. Questions he wanted to have answered because they’ve been sitting with him. For years. And once you hear what those questions are, you are going to wonder why you didn’t think about the same thing.

Allen spoke to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about Season 2 of his wildly popular Disney+ series The Santa Clauses, where he reprises his role as Scott Calvin, the man who accidentally knocked Santa Claus off his roof way back in 1994 and took over the role himself. He explained that he decided to come back for The Santa Clauses because there were questions he wanted to have answered about the original movie.

“I didn’t want to do these unless they answered questions,” Allen told Fallon, going on to explain that as a “sci-fi buff,” he couldn’t help being curious about some loose threads from the first movie. “What happened to Santa when he fell off the roof?” Allen asked. “Did I kill him? Is he dead?” He explained that he was shocked when Scott Calvin “showed up in the North Pole and the elves didn’t even seem to care” that the other Santa was dead. And what about his wife? “Did Mrs. Claus die too?” All valid questions.

Allen went on to reveal that the original script was significantly darker than the end result. “The original script was written by two comedians. I shot Santa in the original script,” he said. “I was crying, I was laughing so hard.” The Toy Story star explained that the script had to be changed because, well, that’s not very family-friendly. “[Former head of Disney Jeffrey Katzenberg said] we can’t begin a Disney movie, Tim, with you murdering Santa Claus.”

Season 2 of The Santa Clauses, which sees Scott Calvin interviewing new candidates to take over his role so that he can retire, is currently streaming on Disney+. Allen told People that he’s been enjoying being on set again “with so many of the original cast” and said it “was like seeing family again.”

We’re certainly happy to have this version of the North Pole back, even if we do have a million questions about what happened to the original Santa now because of Tim Allen.

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