People criticized Tori Spelling's son for wearing shorts to his graduation.
Christopher Polk/Variety/Getty Images

Tori Spelling Addressed “Haters” Before They Could Criticize Her Son’s Graduation Outfit

She wrote a “disclaimer” to get ahead of it.

As someone who has spent most of her life in the public eye, Tori Spelling has often been in a position where she has to deal with criticism and comments. But when it comes to someone criticizing one of her kids, as was the case when her son recently wore shorts to his graduation, the protective mom took action. The former Beverly Hills 90210 star got ahead of any potential criticism by calling out “haters” before they could say a word about his outfit.

Spelling attended the elementary school graduation of her 11-year-old son, Finn, whom she co-parents with ex-husband Dean McDermott along with 17-year-old son Liam, 16-year-old daughter Stella, 12-year-old daughter Hattie, and 7-year-old son Beau. “And, just like that I have a 5th grade graduate,” Spelling wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her with Finn at his graduation, where the young boy wore a long-sleeved shirt and shorts to the celebration. “Finn Davey I’m so proud of you! Bye elementary school and hello middle school. I love you chat!”

In preparation of the potential backlash, Spelling added, “Disclaimer to the haters: Dress code was shorts FYI bc they had student/teacher kickball aka sports day right b4.”

Some of Spelling’s followers on Instagram still had unkind words to share, but many defended Finn’s graduation outfit choice. “Why do people need to comment on how other peoples kids are dressed?!? He’s clean and wearing shoes, he’s FINE,” wrote one.

Another added, “It’s sad that you have to do a disclaimer for the haters. He’s a kid and should wear and look however he feels comfortable wearing.” Spelling responded to this comment by writing, “Agreed!”

Spelling has a lot to celebrate this year with her children, so hopefully she’s able to ignore any negative comments she might see. Not only did Finn graduate elementary school but her youngest son, Beau, graduated from kindergarten. “Yesterday he had his end of the year Kindergarten party at school. So proud of this kid! My Baby,” Spelling wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Beau proudly holding up his kindergarten certificate.

Who cares what those critics say? Spelling is living her best life with her five kids and getting ready for summer. The season where people are often known to wear shorts, if memory serves.