Tori Spelling peed in her son's diaper.
Gilbert Flores/Billboard/Getty Images

Tori Spelling Revealed How She Once Peed In Her Son's Diaper While Stuck In Traffic

“It really comes in handy, you guys.”

Tori Spelling appears to be in her sharing era. The mom of five has been letting the world into her inner sanctum on her MisSpelling podcast, and what a world she’s allowing us to see. A fair amount of which revolves around her bathroom habits. Like when she recently opened up about peeing in her son’s diaper while she was stuck in traffic.

The Beverly Hills 90210 star opened up during a recent episode of MisSpelling about a time when her 7-year-old son Beau, who she shares with ex-husband Dean McDermott, was still in diapers and she needed to quickly borrow one for herself in an emergency.

“Oh my God, one time at band camp, one time when Beau still was wearing diapers, I had to pee really bad,” Spelling admitted. She was on Highway 101 outside of Los Angeles, a stretch of road that’s well known for its heavy traffic. “And I was like, ‘I’m not going to make it home.’ So I literally reached back in my Tori Poppins bag, and I’m like something, please God, something,” she said on the episode. “And I went through and I’m like, aha, a diaper. And I literally put like on a diaper and pissed in my pants in Beau’s diaper. It really comes in handy, you guys.”

The logistics of managing to somehow put a diaper in her pants and pee in it while driving are truly confounding and impressive. And honestly it all sounds kind of dangerous, but she clearly survived. Still, maybe play it safe and don’t try this, shall we say, traffic hack, yourself.

Spelling, who is also mom to 17-year-old Liam, 15-year-old Stella, 12-year-old Hattie, and 11-year-old Finn, also opened up recently about when she is able to use indoor plumbing in her own home. And Beau is still a part of the story. It seems that her youngest son has picked up on a habit of ex-husband McDermott’s and chats with her while she’s on the toilet. “Beau still stands there and stares and talks to me while I’m pooping,” she shared on another recent episode of her podcast.

This pee-related revelation of Spelling’s is sort of par for the course with many celebrities these days. Like when we found out that Bradley Cooper also poops with his daughter in the room, for example, or when Kristen Bell shared that she caught anal worms from her toddler. Celebrities, they’re just like us?