Bluey Just Put A Banned Episode Where Bandit Pretends To Give Birth On YouTube

The hilarious and fun episode has never been available on Disney+.

If you, like every other parent on the planet, find that you need to watch every single episode of Bluey, you’ll be happy to find out that “Dad Baby,” the banned episode of Bluey, is now available to stream. On Bluey’s official YouTube channel, that is. The episode is still not available on Disney+, but why? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Bluey episode “Dad Baby” about?

Season 2, Episode 13 of the Australian mega-hit kids’ show Bluey, called “Dad Baby,” opens with Bluey washing the floor as dad Bandit and mom Chilli relax on the sofa together. As a disgruntled Bluey keeps at her chore, her younger sister Bingo enters the picture carrying the family’s old baby carrier and asks what it was used for. Bandit explains that they used to carry Bingo around in the carrier, and so naturally she jumps in for a ride, which gives Bluey an idea for their next game.

Bandit has to pretend to be pregnant with Bingo inside the carrier, and mom Chilli is excited to just sit back and enjoy the ride. At first, Bandit is pretty sassy about it, making jokes about his sore feet and saying he needs Vitamin E cream for his stretch marks, but before long the weight of Bingo stars to drag him down. Especially when she starts to kick him. There’s only one way to get out of this predicament — deliver little Bingo. Bandit pretends to do just that in the kiddie pool, with Bingo holding on for all her might and refusing to get out while both Bluey and the next door neighbor, Lucky’s dad Pat, try to lend a hand. Bandit even asks Pat to sing for him while he gives birth in the seven-minute episode.

Why was “Dad Baby” banned?

“Dad Baby” first premiered in Australia in March 2020, but it has never been shown on Disney+ in the United States. While Disney has never shared why it chose not to air “Dad Baby,” it seems likely that the simulated birth scene in the kiddie pool might have been considered inappropriate for Bluey’s primary demographic, preschoolers. Oh, biscuits!

But Bluey released the full “Dad Baby” episode on YouTube.

On May 1, Bluey removed that barrier for American viewers and now you can watch the entire seven-minute episode of “Dad Baby” for free, and legally, on Bluey’s official YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Are there other Bluey episodes that have been banned in the U.S.?

This is not the first time Disney+ has chosen to censor Bluey episodes, of course. The streaming giant took ages to drop the episode “Family Meeting,” where the Heeler family goes to court to decide if Bandit farted, was omitted from the Disney+ lineup for ages before being added. Other episodes have been edited for content, like when Bandit was discussing vasectomies in the episode called “Perfect” and Disney+ changed the conversation to be about dental procedures.

But as ever, Bluey continues to delight fans with its latest workaround. Let’s see if “dad gives birth” becomes the new “Keepy Uppy” game in your house.