Mum School

Chilli stands on a freshly cleaned verandah with the sun shining behind her Bluey and Bingo look on.

Which Bluey Mum Are You?

We can’t all be Chilli, but we can try!

At this point we all understand that Bluey is as much a show for parents as it is for children. Through the heartwarming, funny, true-to-life characters on the screen we learn a thing or two about ourselves and, if we’re lucky, how to be even better versions of ourselves moving forward.

There are plenty of inspirational moments in the series out there for moms and dads alike, but today we’re going to focus on the mums. There are plenty of mothers on the show to see ourselves in, but which Bluey mom are you? You have a lot of choices and, honestly, they’re all pretty great in their own way...

Chilli (“Mum”)

“Chilli moms” are emotionally intelligent, creative, cheerful, and wise. They always try their best but are not perfectionists, because they know that making mistakes is how we learn.

Truly, we all strive to channel just a little bit of Chilli Heeler’s incredible mom energy. She’s warm, insightful, playful, compassionate, determined, wry, and has a level of patience that I did not know was possible even in a cartoon dog. She always seems to know just what her children need and how to guide them through life without compromising their independence and agency.


That’s not to say Chilli is perfect. Sometimes she struggles balancing her goals, like getting out of the house on time, with the hiccups of having two young children (see “Sticky Gecko”). But, as she says, “We all fail Mum School sometimes. But that’s OK. We just start again tomorrow.”

Trixie (“Aunt Trixie”)

“Trixie moms” are always learning. They might make a few mistakes along the way — I think we can all agree that Trixie putting Muffin in a cone to try to get her to stop sucking her thumb was probably not her finest hour, even if it was genuinely hilarious. But while they may have some control-freak tendencies, the Trixies of the world are open to deviating from their plan and doing better when they know better.


Trixie moms are also never afraid to take charge or speak their mind. They’re feisty and opinionated and not shy of an argument. They’re also always down for a good time. Get a group of parents together and the Trixies are going to be the life of the party!

Wendy (“Judo’s Mum”)

Wendy lives next door to the Heelers and appears to be a single mum to her daughter, Judo. Wendy moms are fierce, independent, bold, and strong-willed. The ultimate Type A moms, Wendys always have their lives together and don’t forget to take care of themselves. (In Wendy’s case, this means religiously attending pilates classes and developing truly impressive quads.)


And while they’re sometimes preoccupied with keeping up appearances, at the end of the day they know the most important thing is happy, healthy kids.

Chris (“Nana”)

Chris moms are “old school.” They’re not afraid of giving a bit of tough love and can be a bit more disciplinarian that “gentle parents.” But their love of their kids, and their hopes for their happiness, are second to none. They also demonstrate insight and wisdom in helping their children grow up to be compassionate, responsible adults.


Another thing we love about the Chrises of the world is that they’re likely to be the ones to notice things that others overlook, like when Bingo wanted someone to watch her do a handstand at her birthday party.

Bella (“Coco’s Mum”)

Bella is Coco’s mom and has eight kids! (“Wait! No. Nine.”) We met her in “Baby Race,” where she came over to give Chilli a much needed pick-me up. Bella moms have been there and done that and have learned a thing or two along the way. They’re experienced, calm, nurturing, and offer incredible support to other moms out there who might be struggling. They’re always there with a kind word and a reassuring smile that lets people know everything is going to be OK.


Have we watched “Baby Race” multiple times just for Bella to look directly at us and tell us we’re doing great? That’s our business.

No matter which mom you most identify with from the show, remember: you’re doing great, too.