Bingo, Bluey, and Bandit bring Chilli breakfast in bed in "The Show."

Bluey’s Mother's Day Episode Includes A Nod To Those Who’ve Suffered Miscarriages

The show’s creator Joe Brumm previously confirmed a long-held fan theory about Chilli from the episode.

In the grand scheme of the more than 150 episodes of Bluey, there aren’t too many holiday episodes. Most episodes revolve around the joys of everyday life and play. But every now and then we get to look at the uniquely childhood joys of various holidays — Easter, Christmas, and, yes, there is a Mother’s Day episode of Bluey. And thank goodness for it, because Chilli is the best and absolutely deserves some special recognition.

“The Show” is a Bluey Mother’s Day episode in Season 2.

“The Show” is the 16th episode of Season 2 on Disney+. It opens, as any Mother’s Day does, with the family bringing mom breakfast in bed. Bingo carries a breakfast tray while Bluey carries a vase of flowers. But before they can bring Chilli her annual morning treat, Bingo trips, spilling the meal everywhere. She tearfully flees the room, and Bluey chases after her.

Chilli teaches Bingo her special resilience “checklist.”

While Bingo sits crying in another room, heartbroken that she “always ruins everything,” Chilli reassures her that it would take much more than a spilled tray to ruin the day. So she teaches her youngest her tried and true checklist to make it through hard times. “I have a little cry. Then I pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep going! The show must go on!”

This gives Bluey a great idea...

Bluey and Bingo decide to create an impromptu play about Chilli.

They set up their stage on their parents’ balcony as Bandit and Chilli sit on the bed to watch. Bingo has the important task of playing the role of Chilli (“because you’re both red”). It opens with Chilli as a younger woman — she loves hockey and dancing. “But,” Bluey says. “She was very lonely.”

“No I wasn’t,” replies Bingo.

“Yeah, no I wasn’t!” Chilli shouts back.

Still, this brings them on to meeting Bandit, which Chilli informs them was (probably) at a party in London. Bluey plays the role of Bandit, complete with dopey mooning over Chilli and lots of farting before he goes on to propose during a “romance trip” to Italy.


After the wedding, all agree that the play is going very well. At this point, it’s time for “Chilli” to have a baby, which Bingo accomplishes by putting a blue balloon under a shirt. But during the play, the balloon spontaneously bursts. This immediately throws Chilli, whose smile falls as Bandit wordlessly reaches for her hand, looking similarly unsettled. (It bears mentioning that series creator Joe Brumm has confirmed the long-held fan theory that Chilli did, in fact, suffer a miscarriage and the scene in the play brought her back to that moment.)

Bingo is able to use her mom’s lesson (and some quick thinking) to make it through the rest of the show.

Despondent that she’s once again ruined everything, Bingo has a cry and tells Bluey to do the rest of the show without her. Bluey protests, “We can’t do the show without you! You’re mum!”

These words seem to have an impact on Bingo, who then pulls from her mom’s earlier lesson. “I have a little cry. Then I pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep going! The show must go on!” And go on it does, this time with Bandit’s involvement. After all, they need someone to play Baby Bluey...


Needless to say, this goes over great, and the show is a smashing success. As it ends, Chilli’s eyes well up with happy tears as she demands “Again!”

You can stream Bluey’s “The Show” on Disney+.