Bluey and Bingo sit in their room on Easter morning.

The Bluey Easter Episode Goes Way Deeper Than Coloring Eggs & Chocolate Bunnies

Like pretty much all Bluey episodes, it delivers a heartfelt message.

In the grand scheme of things, Bluey holiday episodes are somewhat hard to come by. There’s two Christmas episodes (“Verandah Santa” in Season 1 and “Christmas Swim” in Season 2), a Mother’s Day episode (“The Show” in Season 2) and a Father’s Day episode (“Perfect” in Season 3). But with Easter hopping ever-closer (see what we did there?) you might be wondering if there’s a Bluey Easter episode. And, lucky you, there is. Conveniently titled “Easter,” it’s the last episode of Season 2. “Oh cool,” you be saying, “is it good?” To which I say “This is Bluey we’re talking about. Of course it’s good!”

“Easter” is in Bluey Season 2.

“Easter” (Episode 51) actually begins the night before Easter. Chilli and Bandit are tucking the kids into bed, getting them excited about the holiday. But Bluey and Bingo are worried. What if the Easter Bunny forgets about them again this year.

“Look, we’ve been through this,” Chilli says, looking guiltily askance for reasons absolutely no one can guess. “He didn’t forget you. He was just late.” (Apparently, according to a framed note from the Easter Bunny hanging on the girls’ bedroom wall, it was a family emergency.) I mean, what else could it possibly be?


The next morning, Bingo and Bluey wake up to find their Easter “pouches” once again empty...

There are clues in their pouches, aka Easter baskets, about where to go next. The Bunny, it seems, is sending them on a super-fun, puzzle-filled scavenger hunt. They have to journey to the front yard, back yard, kitchen, living room, and even *gulp* dad’s stinky bathroom. And for a while, it seems like it’s all to no avail. It seems their worst fears have come true: the Easter Bunny has once again forgotten to give them their treats.

“It’s my fault,” Bingo says forlornly. “I’m just a small, forgettable child.”

“No you’re not Bingo, you’re a great child!” Bluey reassures her.

After giving one another much needed pep talks, they discover yet another clue: footprints! Bunny footprints that ultimately lead them to their treasure of chocolate. We’ll go ahead and skip over the fact that dogs can’t eat chocolate (just like we did when we watched Bluey eat grapes).

The episode is a really great romp. Like pretty much all Bluey episodes, it highlights both the fun of childhood and how children see the world. In this case, it highlights how a past disappointment can have a lingering effect on small children. All in all, it’s a perfect addition to Easter festivities.

The Bluey website offers more Easter activities for families.

Not content to let the Bluey Easter fun end in a mere seven minutes (the length of the holiday episode)? Good news! The official Bluey website has posted some fun craft ideas and activities inspired by the episode, from Bluey and Bingo Easter eggs to tips on making your very own egg hunt.

Of course, there are another 150-ish episodes you could be watching, too. They may not be Easter-themed, but is there ever a bad time to watch Bluey as a family? We don’t think so.