Mother's Day

A mom and son discover clues during a Mother's Day scavenger hunt.
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Have The Most Fun Mother's Day Ever With These Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Celebrate mom with a game that the whole family can enjoy.

Celebrating Mother’s Day often means gathering with extended family. When multiple generations get together, it can be tough to plan activities that are enjoyable for everyone to participate in. If you’re looking for a fun game to enjoy with the whole family, these Mother’s Day scavenger hunt clues and ideas are perfect for all ages. From kids to adults, a good old-fashioned seek and find game with Mother’s Day riddles that’s set up like a treasure hunt can be a great way to please everyone.

It’s super simple to put together a scavenger hunt at home or anywhere that you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year. You can adjust your Mother’s Day scavenger hunt to various ages, use as many or as few clues as you want, and really set things up in whatever way works best for you. (After all, Mother’s Day is about you, isn’t it?) Keep it simple or go all-out, there’s really no wrong way to do it.

Though Mother’s Day is all about honoring moms, that doesn’t necessarily mean that mom is exempt from planning what to do on the holiday. If you’re tasked with creating something fun to do on Mother’s Day this year, scan this list of scavenger hunt ideas, get everything ready ahead of time, and just enjoy your day with family and friends.

Mother’s Day scavenger hunt clues

It’s hard (impossible?) to have a scavenger hunt without clues. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your Mother’s Day hunt, the clues below are a solid starting point.

  • Did you hear the latest news? Your first clue is hidden where mom keeps her shoes.
  • Mom works hard to keep things neat, so your next clue can be found under a seat.
  • Being a mom takes a lot of brain power. Look for your next clue where we keep the flour.
  • A mom is someone who loves you a lot. You’ll find the next clue in a place that gets hot.
  • Before we fold our clothes, they go in here. Look all around the dryer and your clue will be near.
  • Mom gives you hugs to make everything better. Your next clue is waiting where you might find a letter.
  • Helping out here fulfills mom’s wishes. Go find a clue where we put dirty dishes.
  • Head outside and you will see, your next Mother’s Day clue is near a tree.
  • Every day mom helps get you ready in a rush. Find your next clue by your toothbrush.
  • Take a page from mom’s favorite book. Is your next clue in there? Go and take a look.
  • Hiding in plain sight you’ll find, a clue in a spot that won’t make mom lose her mind.
  • If you really love your mom, you’ll find your next clue without haste. It’s near the place we put our waste.
  • Go to the place where you rest your head. Your next clue can be found in your bed.
  • Where do we eat? You know where. Head to the dining room, your next clue is in there.
  • This Mother’s Day hunt is nearly done. Go look in the back yard to see what you’ve won!
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Mother’s Day scavenger hunt set-up ideas

As anyone who has every put together a scavenger hunt can likely tell you, there are numerous ways to set everything up. Clues can be hidden indoors or out, in one room or spread across town, up high or down low — you name a place and it’s fair game. Check out some of the most creative and fun ways to set up your Mother’s Day scavenger hunt below.

Set it up for mom

Though the bulk of ideas presented here center around kids participating in a scavenger hunt, one special Mother’s Day scavenger hunt idea is to have the kids take charge and set it up for mom. They might need some help from another adult to get the job done, but setting up clues to lead mom to her Mother’s Day gift is a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

Make the clues all about mom

One type of scavenger hunt that can be fun for Mother’s Day is a hunt where each participant has to gather things around the house related to clues about mom. For example, a clue could be “Find something that is an ingredient in mom’s favorite food,” or “Find something mom uses every day.” So, instead of gathering one clue that leads to the next, and so on until you find a prize, this version is a mad dash to collect the most correct items.

Use Mother’s Day scavenger hunt printables

Since it is Mother’s Day, you might not want to go all-in and hand make each clue for your scavenger hunt. (You do want to relax at some point that day, right?) Theses printable clues for Mother’s Day scavenger hunts are a quick and easy way to cut down on the amount of work required on your end.

Mother’s Day scavenger hunt prizes

Can you even have a scavenger hunt without prizes? Technically, yes, but a fun reward at the end of the hunt is really what it’s all about. From candy to share with mom to custom bracelets for the whole family, there are plenty of Mother’s Day scavenger hunt prize ideas to choose from.

As far as prizes go, the end result really depends on how you’re setting things up. These scavenger hunt prize ideas are geared toward kids, but if your hunt is set up specifically for mom to find her gift, be sure to use that as the prize at the end.

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One last tip for your Mother’s Day scavenger hunt: Kick things off with a big hug for mom. (You deserve it, mom!) Ready, set, go!