King, Eda, and Luz ride on a staff piloted by Owlbert in "The Owl House."
15 Best TV Shows & Movies About Witches To Watch As A Family

Your little witch in training will love them!

Who doesn’t love a good witch story? After all, they’re always chock full of magic spells, inner power, strong women who DGAF about society’s expectations, and self-discovery: what’s not to love?! (And let’s not forget rad witch fashion choices — black robes are supremely comfy and look good on everyone!) And while there’s literally no bad time of the year to want to devour as much witchy content as human possible, during Halloween season, that urge is likely stronger than ever. That’s why we’ve chosen now to present the best TV shows and movies about witches.

Thanks, perhaps, to the ongoing success of Harry Potter, we are living in a Golden Age of witch media. Movies, series, books, series and movies based on books: there’s so. much. to. choose. from. You and your wee little witches will be sated until at least Halloween with everything available to stream. From new spins on witch tropes to the classic, child-hating witches of yore, movies to series with up to four seasons (perfect for chilly day marathon watching), we have you covered!

So grab your broom, boil up your favorite brew in your cauldron, and don your best pointy hat: we’ve got a lot of quality witchiness coming your way.

Room on the Broom

The witch with the ginger plait makes lots of friends on her adventures... but is there room on the broom for all of them?Gruffalo World

Based on the book of the same name, this Halloween tale is told in sing-song rhyme by a kindly narrator, who tells the story of a witch with a ginger plait (that’s braid in fancy English, folks) and her broomstick adventure. She loses her hat, her ribbon, and her wand, but in the process makes lots of new friends — a cat, a dog, a bird, and a frog. But will she and her friends be able to stand up to a ferocious dragon who loves to eat witches with a side of chips?

This movie is not rated, but has been deemed appropriate by Common Sense Media for viewers 3 and older

Stream Room on the Broom on Vudu or Apple TV+.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

This classic from Studio Ghibli celebrates the sweet side of witches.HBO Max/Jamie Kenney

Kiki has just turned 13. According to the traditions of her village, she must now fly off into the world on her broomstick and hone her powers as a witch in training. Setting off with her sarcastic talking cat, Jiji, she settles in a charming port city of Koriko. In order to make a living, she starts her own courier service — by broomstick, naturally — and becomes a vital part of the life of her community and grows closer to a boy name Tombo, whose obsession with aviation make him and Kiki a perfect match.

Stream Kiki’s Delivery Service, rated G, on HBO Max

The Worst Witch

No, you’re not seeing things: Mildred is played by Bella Ramsey aka Lyanna Mormont from Game of Thrones.Netflix

Unlike most of the students at Miss Cackle’s Academy, Mildred Hubble did not grow up in a witching family. This, plus her general clumsiness, is making her first year as a witch in training difficult, but she is determined to succeed, despite all the challenges — including the skepticism of the harsh headmistress, Miss Hardbroom and the machinations of mean girls like Ethel Hallow. With the help of her best friends Maud, Megan, and Enid, Mildred will discover what it takes to make the head of the class... or at least pass her flying exam!

Stream The Worst Witch, rated TV-G, on Netflix

Little Witch Academia

Remember: enthusiasm can be a kind of magic, too!Netflix

Akko Kagari is a human girl who is obsessed with her hero, the brilliant witch named Shiny Chariot. So obsessed, in fact, that this non-magical girl decides to enroll in the Luna Nova Magical Academy — the most prestigious school for young witches. But what Akko lacks in natural talent she makes up for in unshakeable determination and enthusiasm... and its that sheer will that leads the “Shiny Rod,” a magical relic once wielded by Shiny Chariot herself, to choose Akko as its new master. Suddenly, her path to becoming a witch just got a whole lot easier...

Heads up: this is a Japanese series and, as such, that is the original language. If you and your kiddo don’t speak Japanese, be sure to change the language settings before you watch (it is dubbed in English, as well as German, Spanish, and French).

Stream Little Witch Academia, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix

The Owl House

Funny and heartfelt, The Owl House is one of our top picks for any kids’ show!Disney+/Jamie Kenney

Middle-schooler Luz is a bit of a weirdo. But while she has a very strong sense of self her mom worries that she may be losing herself in fantasy novels and daydreams and decides to send her to a summer camp that will make her more, well, normal and boring. But when Luz stumbles through a magic portal, she enters the land of the Boiling Isles, a world where witches, demons, and mystical quests are the norm. She teams up with Eda, an eccentric, wild witch who agrees to teach her magic... that is if they can escape the goons of the Emperor’s Coven who would ban all wild magic! Truly one of the best witch TV shows for kids out there right now.

Stream Owl House, rated TV-Y7, on Disney+


This movie is perfect for satisfying all your nature-witch vibes needs!Janson Media/YouTube

Based on the book series by Lene Kaaberbøl, Wildwitch (titled Vildheks in the original Danish) is a cottagecore fantasy come to life. Clara is 12, and is considered weird by the kids in her class, but she takes solace in animals and nature. After a mysterious cat scratches her, she begins to develop strange powers, and is told that she belongs to a family of witches and is taken to the woodland home of her heretofore unknown aunt, Isa. There, Clara learns what it means to become a wild witch, and how to protect herself from the wicked witch, Chimera.

This film is not rated; Common Sense Media suggests it is appropriate for children over 10 and parent reviewers on the site suggest children over 5. This movie has been dubbed into English from Danish.

Stream Wildwitch on YouTube

Earwig and the Witch

Can Earwig scheme her way to her birthright?HBO Max/Jamie Kenney

Earwig was just a baby when her mother left her on the doorstep of St. Morwald's Home for Children in the English countryside. Fortunately, it turned out OK for the headstrong girl, who finds a happy childhood in the orphanage and adamantly does not want to be adopted. But when Bella Yaga and Mandrake, a strange couple who reveal Earwig’s witchy lineage. Earwig agrees not to cause problems for the couple, who only wanted en extra pair of hands around the magical workroom, if Bella Yaga will teach her magic.

Stream Earwig and the Witch, rated PG, on HBO Max


The Halloween classic is Debbie Reynolds at her witchy best!Disney+/Jamie Kenney

Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie don’t understand why their mother, Gwen, never lets them go out on Halloween. What’s the harm in a costume party? But when their grandma Aggie arrives for her annual October 31st visit, the truth is revealed: Aggie and Gwen are actually witches! Aggie wants Marnie to train as a witch; Gwen will hear none of it. But when Marnie and Dylan follow their grandma on a magical bus to her home in Halloweentown (where ghosts, goblins, and magic talismans are the norm) Marnie hopes to fulfill her destiny as a witch.

Stream Halloweentown, rated PG, on Disney+

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Oh what a tangled web we weave...Netflix/Jamie

After moving to the north of England to live with her Great Aunt Charlotte, Mary is having a hard time. But when two cats lead her to a magic flower, she is whisked away to Endor College, a school for witches run by headmistress Madam Mumblechook and Doctor Dee.

It isn’t long before Mary can cast complex spells and is declared a prodigy. But little do the teachers and students of Endor know that her powers don’t come from within, but from the magic flower! Will she be able to untangled herself from this web of falsehoods and misunderstandings?

Stream Mary and the Witch’s Flower, rated PG, on Hulu


Double, double, toil and trouble!Disney+/Jamie Kenney

Apolla and Artemis are twins, born to a royal witch mother and powerful warlock father in the magical land of Coventry on Halloween night (naturally). But when an evil entity known as the Darkness threatens their safety and the realm itself, they are sent to Earth to live with two different families. Apolla becomes Camryn and Artemis becomes Alex... and each grows up unaware of their true, royal, and supernatural origin... and each other. On their 21st birthday, they reunite, realizing not only that they are twins, but that they are endowed with great magical powers and are destined to work together to save Coventry.

Stream Twitches, rated PG, on Disney+

Hocus Pocus

No list of witch-themed entertainment is complete without this bad boy...Disney+/Jamie Kenney

When the Sanderson Sisters were hanged in 1693 after hexing local children, the village of Salem thought their reign of terror had come to an end. But Winifred’s Sanderson’s final curse — that they would return one Halloween night — ensured that they would be back for more mischief.

After Max Dennison, a newcomer to the town and witch skeptic, inadvertently brings the Sisters back to life, he must work together with his own sister Dani, new girlfriend Allison, and a 300-year-old talking cat named Binx to thwart their plans to suck the life out of all the children of Salem.

(Also, come on: you know this one is perhaps the Gold Standard when it comes to witch movies for kids.)

Stream Hocus Pocus, rated PG, on Disney+

The Little Witch

The Little Witch shows that there’s power in kindness.Peacock

Little Witch lives in the woods with her talking raven, Abraxas. She longs to be invited to dance with the other witches, but not only is she still very young (only 127 years old!) but she’s considered... odd. She wants to be nice to humans! Unlike the older witches of the woods, she doesn’t want to cause mischief and harm – she’d much rather soar around on her broom having fun or *gulp* do good deeds! She even befriends some human children: a big no-no in the witching world.

This movie has been dubbed into English from the original German.

Stream The Little Witch, rated PG, on Peacock

A Witches’ Ball

A coming of age story with a witchy twist!Netflix

Beatrix, a 12-year-old almost witch attending a magic school, has just passed her final exam to begin a full witch with flying colors. In fact, she’s going to be valedictorian of her class, a fact that will be celebrated at this year’s Witches’ Ball. Everyone in the Witching World will be there. But when a mishap jeopardizes all her hard work, she must figure out how to set things right before the Ball. Sweet and not at all scary, A Witches’ Ball features a cunning, plucky heroine in Beatrix and sends kids the message that the best they can be is themselves.

Stream A Witches’ Ball, rated PG, on Netflix

Into The Woods

Into the Woods is about more than just witches... but the Witch is the best part!Disney+

The first act of this play-turned-movie is a merry mélange of all our favorite fairy tales — Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood, and others — but the second act asks the question “What happens after happily ever after?” What happens after everyone gets their wish? When slain giants get their (frankly, completely justified) revenge? Who’s really the hero when the witch isn’t nice or good, but she’s right? And, for the purposes of this list, the Witch is hands down the best character in the entire show, played by the always delightful Meryl Streep. Moreover, Into the Woods is thoughtful, accessible, and full of celebrities — a great introduction to the murky and complex world of Stephen Sondheim musicals!

Stream Into the Woods, rated PG, on Disney+

The Witches

The Grand High Witch is a style icon for the ages.Amazon Video/Jamie Kenney

Helga knows all about witches. Her friend was captured by them when they were girls in Norway. She makes sure her grandson, Luke, knows all about how to spot them: square toes, itchy wigs, and, of course, vibrant purple eyes. When the two go on a holiday together on the English seaside, they just so happen to be staying at the hotel where all of England’s witches are secretly gathered to unleash their newest plot to harm children: a potion that will turn them all into mice! Will Luke be able to warn the world in time?

This classic is probably one of the best witch movies for kids... and by “for kids” we mean “technically for kids” because, we’ll be honest: the Grand High Witch and her big reveal still freaks us out!

Stream The Witches, rated PG, on HBOMax.

Happy Hexing!