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26 Fun Barbie Costumes For The Whole Family

Come on Barbie, let’s go party.

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One of the most classic kid’s toys out there has to be a Barbie doll. Most of us probably have fuzzy memories of playing with Barbie dolls as a kid, whether we were elaborately decorating their pink Barbie Dream House, making Barbie and Ken kiss while giggling about it with friends, or collecting as many dolls and accessories as possible. Thanks to the Barbie movie having just come out this summer — this is going to be one of the most popular Halloween costume themes this year. If you want to dress as a character from the Barbie-verse — or your spouse or kids want to — there are so many fun Barbie-themed costumes that the whole family will love.

There are endless Barbie options to choose from — you can be workout Barbie, ‘80s Barbie, a character from the movie, or wear a dress with the classic Mattel Barbie branding. A lot of people choose to go the DIY route for Barbie costumes, grabbing Barbie branded tees and leotards and pairing them with other accessories to create the right look. You can even purchase a Barbie box that you can walk around in to really get that authentic doll look. Here are the best Barbie costumes for adults, babies, and everyone in between.


Vintage Swimsuit Barbie

This vintage swimsuit is the very first outfit Barbie wears in the Barbie movie, as she witnesses little girls getitng rid of their baby dolls to idolize her instead. It’s truly a symbol of her iconic history. Plus, it’s cute. This costume set comes with the swimsuit, wig and sunglasses.


I Am Kenough Sweatshirt

This “I Am Kenough” sweatshirt is definitely enough to constitute a costume, especially since Ryan Gosling — who plays Ken in the movie — wears it in the film. Not only is it an outfit he wore, it also communicates the movie’s main message. If your family is doing a “Barbie” theme for Halloween, this will work great. Whether you’re a “Ken” or a “Barbie” — or maybe both — this sweatshirt will look great.


Baby Barbie

Your little one might be too small to know who Barbie is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up like Barbie anyway. This iridescent pink Barbie leotard — which also comes in silver — makes the perfect costume and comes in a huge range of sizes: 0-3 months all the way up to size 12 for kids.


“Stereotypical” Barbie

“Stereotypical” Barbie was Margot Robbie’s character in the new film. She wears this checkered dress in the beginning of the movie, when her world was all sunshine and rainbows and no thoughts about death. This costume comes with a bow, with or without the wig, and there’s a hat to match that you can add to your order as well for about $21 more.


Western Cowboy Ken

Ken’s first outfit outside Barbieland in the Barbie movie is this western cowboy costume. It’s a great choice for a Halloween costume because it’s recognizable even if someone else has not seen Barbie — who doesn’t know what a cowboy is? The pants and hat do not come with the costume, but regular black pants and a white cowboy hat should work.


Stylin’ Barbie

This costume is just like the beginning of Barbie when she is sitting at her vanity to get ready for the day (even though she looks perfect, always). The top of this costume is made to look like a tabletop with her makeup on it, and then it also comes with the wig, bow, and necklace.


Beach Babe Ken

Ken’s job is just “beach” — so if you’re looking to really give Ken, you’ll want to take a look at this beach outfit. It’s so cute, it would be a good option for both a costume and a real beach outfit. It would match Barbie’s checkered dress (listed above) well if you are trying to match with a partner since those are both of the character’s main costumes.


Barbie tutu

This Barbie tutu will thrill any little girl who loves to dance, or has even just seen the Barbie ballerina cartoon movies. The straps are criss-crossed in the back for a solid fit and the tutu will be tons of fun to flounce around the house or trick-or-treat in.


Barbie in the Car

This Barbie can drive. This costume, which is an inflatable convertible car with Barbie’s name on it comes with straps so your child can wear her car as part of their Barbie costume. It doesn’t come with the dress or shoes, but your child can wear any pink clothes or Barbie costume with this car.


Skater Barbie

For a comfortable costume, wear this Skater Barbie look. This is pretty much exactly like what Barbie wears in the new Barbie movie, so you’ll score major points with the other moms in the neighborhood. This look comes with the romper, knee pads, elbow pads, visor, earrings and fanny pack so it has everything you need.


Roller Barbie for kids

Yeah, you can achieve a roller Barbie look for your child, too. There’s some major mommy & me costume potential here. This one comes with the leotard, shorts, knee and elbow pads and the visor.


Barbie and Ken boxes

If you’re looking for a cute couple’s costume idea, you can’t beat Barbie and Ken. You can wear almost anything under these plastic boxes, and you’ll get away with a great costume. For extra authenticity, select Barbie and Ken costumes to go underneath the boxes, otherwise you can use what you have in your closet to come up with something that works.


Ken doll

While it’s unclear why this is called an Animal Loving Ken Costume, we do think it looks almost exactly like what the Ken doll wears in the Toy Story movies, making this a great option for a couple’s costume with Exercise Barbie. The ‘80s inspired look comes with the neckerchief, leopard shirt, and pleated parachute shorts, as well as a rubber wig. The shorts are adjustable and elasticized, and one size should fit sizes M-XL.


A Barbie box

Not doing a couples costume? This Barbie Box can also be purchased as just one instead of the set. With convenient shoulder straps to make this easy to wear and front flaps that make eating and drinking simple (and possible), this is a cute addition to any Barbie doll look.


Barbie’s head

Remember toys like this Barbie styling head that allowed you to do Barbie’s makeup and hair as if you were a real hairdresser or makeup artist? That’s what this Barbie Styling Head costume is based off of. Admittedly, it is a little bit creepy, but it’s also a unique take on the Barbie costume idea and doesn’t require much effort. It even comes with the blonde wig.


The perfect Barbie wig

It’s pretty easy to DIY a Barbie costume: Almost any pink dress or top works. The hair is what really makes it. A blonde wig, like this Alice Adult Wig, is basically a necessity for any Barbie costume. It really transforms the look from just a pink dress to a Barbie doll. At $13, it’s relatively low-cost, and has a great, classic Barbie look.


Cheerleader Barbie

If your toddler wants to dress as a cheerleader but also loves Barbie dolls, then this is the perfect Barbie costume for you. Available in one toddler size, this pink Barbie Cheerleader Costume is so cute. It comes with the pink cheerleader dress, attached white under shirt to keep them warm, and pink sash. The pom-poms and hair bows are sold separately.


Workout Barbie

Another version of ‘exercise’ Barbie is this adorable Trickz n’ Treatz Barbee’s Workout Plan costume. The baby pink spandex jumpsuit has a shiny plastic look to it that’ll really make you look like a doll. It comes with the matching headband, belt, and leg warmers. We love that this one is pink instead of blue, it feels more authentically ‘Barbie’.


A ‘90s Barbie

Remember this Totally Hair Barbie Doll circa 1991? She was the moment. This Rasta Imposta Totally Hair Barbie Doll costume is almost an exact replica of the doll, and all of the ‘90s kids will know exactly who you’re dressed as. The costume comes with a patterned dress, hair accessory, and long blonde wig.


An ‘80s Barbie

This ‘80s Pink Pop Star Costume obviously isn’t branded as a Barbie costume, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one. The bright pink color of this dress makes it a great option for a retro Barbie look. The costume comes with the dress, hair bow, and belt.


Barbie for the girls

This adorable Barbie-inspired bright pink tulle dress is an absolute dream. It’s perfect for little girls who love that feminine flair and they will definitely feel just like a doll when wearing it. This look only comes with the dress, so you can add other accessories like pink shoes and a pink hair bow. It also does not come with the plastic box, but you don’t need it, and it might be hard to use if you’re dressing a toddler in this.


Little workout Barbie

This Toy Story-inspired 1980’s Work Out Girl costume is so cute. The Etsy Barbie costume only comes with the turquoise leotard, and you can get it sleeveless or with long sleeves depending on what the weather will be like where you live on Halloween. Add the leg warmers for a more authentic look.


Malibu Barbie

There are also Barbie leotards for adults. This Barbie Babe One Piece is actually a swimsuit, but it can pull double duty as a top for a Barbie costume. Wear this suit with a sarong for a Malibu Barbie look, or pair it with a skirt for just a regular old Barbie costume. The hot pink shade is so cute and this will definitely be something you get more than one use out of.


‘80s Barbie

Again, this Radical Eighties Costume is not marketed as a Barbie costume, but it could definitely be one. The bright pink skirt, the colorful floral off-the-shoulder crop top, the wide white belt... this is such an ‘80s look. The huge pink bow in the hair is definitely a must, as is the high ponytail.


Minimalist Barbie

Keep things simple, comfy and minimalist with this fun Show Me Your Mumu Zuma Beach Tee. The Barbie logo on this one makes it easy to dress this up or down as basically kind of Barbie you want: you can be casual, Gen Z-hip Barbie, or you can pair it with a miniskirt and heels for a more traditional Barbie look. Since it’s not a costume, you’ll get a lot of wear out of it.


Barbie dress

This adorable Light Pink Tutu Dress is too cute. The white tutu skirt features pink pom-poms throughout for a dreamy look that is so playful and fun. The light pink top has Barbie’s logo to make it clear that this is a Barbie costume. It comes in sizes for babies and kids and is just something they’ll never want to take off.

Feel free to use some of these costume options as a way to put together your own photogenic Barbie costume — there really are no rules. You can do something simple and comfortable if you want to go low-maintenance for Halloween this year, or you can go all out with the plastic box and everything. Whatever you do, keep Barbie’s signature smile on your face all night long.

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