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Save The Day With These 22 Gifts & Toys For 'PJ Masks' Fans

They’ll take these gifts straight to HQ.

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Whether you have absolutely no idea who these cute superheroes are or you know all about Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette, PJ Masks is a big deal for a lot of kids. If your kid dreams of getting their own crime-fighting superpowers at night (what kid wouldn’t?) then they’ll be psyched to receive any of these gifts for kids who love PJ Masks. On this list, you’ll find things they actually need like hats, gloves or pajamas, and things that are more fun, like playsets or figurines, but the commonality between everything here is that they all feature the pajama-clad superheroes.

If you’re not already familiar with the show (and its catchy theme song which will wind up in your head) it’s appropriate for preschoolers and early elementary school kids (the superheroes in PJ Masks are said to be 6 years old, per a fandom page for the show). On this list you’ll find age-appropriate PJ Masks gifts for the youngest and the oldest fans out there. From books and bedding to art sets and vehicles and even a bike, read on for PJ Masks gifts for all the fans who are on their way into the night to save the day.

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PJ Masks Figurines With Carrying Case

The beauty of this toy is that it comes in a carrying case for easy clean up, or for seamlessly taking it to the grandparent’s house or in the car. It comes with the three hero characters plus villains including an exclusive Pharoah Boy character. There are several accessories too including a Super Cat Stripes, Owl Wings, Super Gekko Shield, Gekko suction cup, Luna Board, Luna Magnet, Luna Wand, and Pharaoh Boy’s staff, so kids can play out all sorts of scenarios.


A Plush Catboy Toy

If your child already has a ton of action figures and you’re looking for something a little more cuddly, check out this plush Catboy toy that PJ Masks fans will adore. Pressing Catboy’s hand plays hit phrases from the show, and when kids push his special amulet it lights up. Batteries are included, and if your kid prefers Gekko or Owlette toys, this is available in all three characters (or you could collect them all). One reviewer said, “I am very pleased with these products. We own all three of these 14 inch sing and light-up PJ Masks plush dolls. It works great. The chest emblem lights up every time you hit the button on the hand and Catboy says one of the 4 or 5 sayings in random order. My son especially likes when he sings the PJ Masks theme song. They are resilient, the perfect size for smaller children/toddlers, and soft enough for my son to sleep with him every night.”


A PJ Masks HQ Toy

A toy that folds up, trapping all the pieces inside? Yes, please. Kids who are always pretending to head to headquarters will get a kick out of this PJ Masks toy. It has a catapult used for launching fur balls (a defense mechanism for the trio) which will provide endless entertainment. This toy has mostly favorable reviews with one parent writing, “Great toy for my kids to play with, the price was good for what the toy is. Happy to have bought it.”

Just note that if you’re ordering this as a gift, it ships in its original packaging, so it may be a giveaway if you don’t shield your kid from the delivery.


Owlette Costume

Some kids would rather be Owlette, Gekko, or Catboy than play with a PJ Masks toy, and I get it. This fun Owlette costume isn’t just for Halloween; rather it’s a costume box staple that rolls up small and kids will ask for it again and again. The printed wings are attached to the suit, and the mask is separate. If your kid is more of a Greg or Connor fan, of course there are PJ Masks costumes of Gekko and Catboy too, or you could snag the whole crime-fighting crew, which is fun when friends come over.


A Gekko Toy

For the kid who has a clear favorite character, this Gekko toy will be a hit. The set comes with 5 Gekko-themed toys including two action figures (one of Catboy, and one of the green character by day (aka Greg, the youngest member of the PJ Masks crew). There’s also a mask for the kid who likes to dress-up, a Gekko mobile, plus a wrist watch with lights and sounds. Plus it all comes packaged in a fun gift box featuring Gekko himself that kids will definitely want to keep for storing all their odds and ends (and maybe that will help keep toys off the floor).


Two-Pack Toddler PJ Set

These cute pajamas are made of 100% cotton, so they’re super breathable, but also cozy. The set allows them to dress as PJ Masks heroes Gekko and Catboy at bedtime. The green set, Gekko, features a short-sleeved top, while the blue set for Catboy is long sleeves. It starts at size 2T, and just a note, they should be snug for safety, so no need to exchange for a larger size if they seem a bit tight.


PJ Masks Nap Pad

Whether they take it to school or use it right at home in their bedroom, this PJ Masks pad and blanket may make nap time a little bit easier (and cozier). It’s a mat, a pillow, and a soft blanket all in one, and it rolls up small for easy carrying. One reviewer said, “Perfect size for my pre-k kiddo! He loves it. Super soft and not bulky for him to carry to school,” and others noted how soft it was, perfect for nap time on-the-go (or at home if they just can’t get enough of the PJ Masks characters)


PJ Seeker & Figurine Set

An epic set including Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette figurines, a cabin, trailer, claw crane, cage, mini cat-car, disc shooter, and bridge, it also has a detachable carrier that can hold up to four cars (sold separately). The cabin can fit three 3-inch figurines, and the set features a search light to catch bad guys at night. This set requires three AAA batteries (which are mercifully included) and is best for kids age 3 and up.

Just note that if this is a Christmas gift, many reviewers noted that you can tell what’s inside from the packaging, so you may have to get stealthy about bringing it inside and shielding the delivery from your little one


Twin-Size Reversible Comforter & Bedding Set

This bedding set includes one twin/full-size reversible comforter and one matching pillow case, decorated with the facts of Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette. It’s made of a super soft microfiber and is machine washable for easy and fast cleaning. If your child is struggling to stay in bed all night or isn’t wanting to transition in their big kid bed, some cool bedding that features characters they love may just do the trick. One reviewer said, “Purchased for my grandson’s bedroom in hopes he would actually sleep in his own bed. He loves it. The fit is perfect for his double size bed.”


Kids Bike

The PJ Masks bike comes with removable training wheels, making it perfect for beginning riders or little ones who have already mastered the skill. It's single-speed and has a rear coaster brake (aka a pedal brake) for easy stopping. Plus, it's decked out in PJ Masks graphics on the seat, handlebar plate, training wheels, and chain guard. One reviewer said, “My son loves PJ Masks so I got him this bike. Was fairly easy to put together and he absolutely adores it. Makes a good first bike.” This is a great gift for a kid who already has a ton of PJ Masks toys.


PJ Masks Slip-On Shoes

They’ll get their shoes on at superhero speeds thanks to these fun PJ Masks slip-ons with a pull-tab on the back for easy on and off. Made of soft canvas, these shoes feature all three characters so you don’t have to worry that their favorite will change one day after you buy these. These are bright and cheerful too, and they may be easier to spot when it’s time to put their shoes on. One reviewer said, “My daughter loves wearing these shoes! Very comfy and they’re holding up well to a 4 year old active little lifestyle.”


'PJ Masks' Memory Game

Some games stand the test of time, like Memory, and this one is updated to feature all the best PJ Masks characters on 72 tiles. This game is easy to teach kids and is quick to play. There are no small parts, so no choking hazards, but it's made for kids between ages 3 and 4 years old, though really anyone will enjoy the game.

Unlike other PJ Masks toys (ahem anything with batteries or small, pointy figurines) you may actually really enjoy playing with this too (just don’t take it personally when your toddler has a better memory than you do).


Catboy Sound Book

This hardcover book has 10 sound buttons, each of which has Catboy reading a different page in the story. The book is made especially for early readers with large font, simple sentences, and "expressive narration" which means the words are pronounced clearly and with emphasis. There are no choking hazards associated with this product, but the story is written for kids between 3 and 7 years old.

This won’t break the bank but it’s sure to be loved; one reviewer said, “This book is really adorable and fun to read. Connor "Catboy" reads a story when you push the buttons. My son LOVES this book and helps tell the story with Catboy. If your kiddo loves PJ Masks, I 100% recommend purchasing this book. It is of great quality and very sturdy. The buttons work great and Catboy's voice is clear and loud to hear. Each button also has a small clip of each character's main phrase.”


5 PJ Mask Figurines

You can get the whole PJ Masks crew without breaking the bank, because you and I both know one of these is going to wind up in the couch cushion for several months anyway. The set includes five 3-inch characters including some of the villains like Night Ninja and Romeo.

On Amazon, you’ll find several styles to choose from so make sure you look at the pictures to decide; each style features the same characters but posed slightly differently. It’s cool that these PJ Masks toys all stand on their own, so kids can create fun and dynamic scenes using just the figurines and their imaginations.


A PJ Masks Digital Watch

They’ll never be late to the HQ thanks to this cool PJ Masks watch. When the cover on the face is snapped closed it looks like Catboy’s mask, but inside it reveals all three characters so there won’t be any meltdowns from Gekko or Owlette fans. This gift feels super special but it’s still budget-friendly.

The watch is home to nine interactive activities: kids will learn about weather, letters, counting and more, plus there are animal sounds and an LED light-up screen. One reviewer said, “Bought this as a gift. She loves it and has worn it every day for the past couple of days. She’s only 3. So a lot of the activities are a little older, but she still enjoys them. The screen part is a little large on her wrist, but she’s so happy!”


A PJ Masks Art Set

For the moments when you need to keep your kids quiet and entertained, there’s this set of PJ Masks art projects which feels a little more creative than watching the same episode of the show for the 100th time. Inside you’ll find stamps (all kids, even those who don’t love art projects, seem super into the concept of stamps, so this part will be a hit), markers, and a 30 page sketchbook, plus a carrying case you can take on-the-go. It’s a gift for you and for them. Some reviewers said the markers weren’t the best, but others were happy. One said, “Bought this for my 3 year old. She loves it. The ink washes off easily (thank goodness) and the package is easily opened and closed by a toddler and holds all the parts neatly.”


Toddler Hat & Mittens Set

Help your little PJ Mask fan stay warm with this hat and mitten set, sized for kids ages 2 to 4. All three pieces are made of soft and stretchy 100% acrylic knit to ensure a cozy, snug fit, and the hat features a stitched-on patch with Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko. If it’s a battle to get them to wear warm weather accessories on frigid days, fans of PJ Masks might be more inclined to sport some gear that features their favorite pajama-clad, crime-fighting trio. Plus this unique style won’t end up getting mixed up with another kids’ or left on the playground (hopefully).


Four-Piece Playset

This set includes Night Ninja and Catboy figurines (note: Owlette and Gekko are sold separately), a lava ball, and the mountain play set. It features a moving "lava elevator" and comes completely assembled which should make you let out a sigh of relief, especially when it feels like everything needs to be put together during the holiday season. Since it has some small parts, it's best for kids age 3 and up. One standout review said, “My daughter loves pjs masks so this was the perfect addition to her collection. Keeps her entertained forever. I love that it's not an obscenely large toy. It is easily put and stored away when it's clean up time.”


Transforming Figurine Set

This hidden identity and hero set includes a 3-inch tall Amaya, a 3-inch tall Owlette, and a transforming playset so Amaya can become her superhero self with the blink of an eye. Amaya and Owlette are both poseable and the play set includes an elevator that really pops up. This set is part of a larger collection that includes Connor/Catboy and Greg/Gekko (which are sold separately but found on the same Amazon page), all of which are best for kids age 3 and up.


Book Of Five-Minute Stories

Whether this is really a gift for mom and dad who are tired of reading long books during the endless bedtime or the PJ Masks fan is to be determined, but the hardback book includes 12 short stories that can be read in only five minutes. The stories are written for kids ages 3 to 7 years old, but there are no small parts so it's not a choking hazard for younger fans.

This book has a ton of great reviews including this one from a mom: “I did not expect it to be this high quality! It's a padded hardcover with 12 stories and 192 pages. I bought it for my son as a random gift but I might just save it until Christmas. I’m really impressed.”


Romeo’s Flying Factory

All make believe games need a little conflict sometimes, and Romeo is the main antagonist on the show who needs to be stopped; in this case by Catboy. The flying factory includes a secret lair, a light and sound control panel, a getaway vehicle and a crane that really works.


Travel-Size Magnadoodle

A mini Magnadoodle including one magnetic pen and three magnetic stamps in the shapes of Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy's hero amulets. The travel-size pad measures 11" x 11" and weighs just under two ounces. Since it has small parts, this toy's packaging has a choking hazard warning so it's best for kids age 3 and up.

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