Sexy movies for couples on Netflix: 'Madame Claude'
24 Sexy Netflix Movies To Watch With Your SO That Are Better Than Foreplay

Date night just got a little spicier.

by Irina Gonzalez and Mia Sherin
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These days, when it's time to settle down to movie night with your significant other, turning on Netflix is pretty standard protocol. It’s an easy, go-to move after a long day, but let’s be honest — most people get caught up watching the same old shows they watch during normal weeknights. If you’re trying to create a date night atmosphere, perhaps it's time to take things up a notch and start watching something from Netflix's “Steamy Romance” subgenre. When it comes to sexy movies for couples on Netflix, there are plenty of good options to choose from.

Porn is also an option, but it’s not necessarily for everyone, and you might want to leave that genre for another night. If all you want is a movie that will start a sensual conversation and make you feel a little hot, then it's best to start with movies that are sexy without being overtly explicit.

There are plenty of reasons to feel excited about this (besides the obvious appeal of a hot night in with your SO). Maybe you and your partner have experimented with watching feminist porn, but you’ve been interested in watching more sensual films about love and sex — the kind of movies that will introduce you to new topics to explore and allow you to better communicate about your wants and needs in bed. You never know what this viewing party might inspire in your sex life moving forward. To give your relationship a little extra spark, settle in for one of these sexy Netflix movies with your partner.



A romantic thriller, 2017's Amar is about Laura and Carlos, a young couple keen on living in the present with each other. Oozing with sexual chemistry, heavy breathing, and the expiration date that comes with young love, Amar should be high on your list of sexy movies for couples. Not only is the intensity out of control, but there’s nothing quite as hot as holding tightly onto someone, not knowing what day will be your last together. Give this film a watch to embrace the present moment with your partner and see the new levels of intimacy that can bring.

Amar is rated TV-MA.


A Perfect Ending

A Perfect Ending is not what you might expect. The film follows Rebecca, a suburban housewife who has been unhappy and sexually unsatisfied in her marriage. When her friend suggests that she take a lover to spice up her sexual pleasure, Rebecca doesn’t realize she is talking about a female prostitute named Paris. What begins as a hesitant encounter turns into a liberating discovery of self, and viewers are invited along for the ride. Watch as Rebecca and Paris share themselves with each other, question what will come of their relationship, and, most notable, have a lot of steamy sex.

A Perfect Ending is rated TV-MA.


365 Days

A huge Netflix hit, 365 Days rivals 50 Shades of Gray on the steamy scale. This Polish film stars a crime lord, Massimo, who kidnaps a woman named Laura he saw many years ago and has been thinking about ever since. He claims to be kidnapping her for 365 days, the time it will take for her to fall in love with him. If you and your partner are interested in exploring dominant and submissive roles, 365 Days could be excellent material to start that conversation and see if it makes you tingly inside. For the really good stuff, do yourself a favor and skip to one hour and seven minutes in. You won’t regret it. Content warning: This movie contains instances of sexual violence.

365 Days is rated TV-MA.


Hot Girls Wanted

Hot Girls Wanted, a 2015 documentary produced by Rashida Jones, follows young women who have gone into the porn industry. Highlighting the exploitation and manipulation of young women, this film brings to light the disturbing nature of amateur porn and makes it clear who this industry is helping, and who it’s hurting most. While this may not sound like the sexiest movie to watch with your partner, learning about porn together might get you excited about what ethical videos and sites you want to try in the future. The miniseries follow-up, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, is also worth a watch, since it explores the intersection of sex and technology and will make you seriously question your relationship to both.

Hot Girls Wanted is rated TV-MA.



In the 2018 French film MILF, three middle-aged women escape for a vacation to help one member of the trio pack up her beloved beach house to be sold. Spotted on the sailing beach are three young men who can’t keep their eyes off the leading ladies, and a flirty romance quickly forms. Sexual tension builds throughout the movie, as we wonder if these couples will ever get down to it and burn calories together... outside of their beach volleyball games. For anyone whose cursor tends to wander to the MILF category of your chosen porn website, there’s no shame in your game. Hit up this Netflix pick for a new way to enjoy some sexy content.

MILF is rated TV-MA.


After We Collided

Young adults Tessa and Hardin broke up after a game of Truth or Dare got out of hand (watch the first movie in this series, After, for more), but it’s finally time to see if they can mend what’s been broken and fall back into love. One sexy obstacle comes in the form of Dylan Sprouse, playing “good guy” Trevor, a tight-collared colleague of Tessa’s who may put her love to the test. Complete with shower scenes, big fights, and plenty of make-up sex, After We Collided is sure to get both you and your partner’s blood pumping.

After We Collided is rated R.



Gabi and Martin hit it off after matching on a dating app, but soon realize that they crave new and fresh experiences to keep their relationship exciting. In Newness, what begins as permission to flirt with other people turns into an open relationship, and the pair discovers how bringing others in may help to keep their own spark alive. But as their partnership develops, their unconventional relationship wavers, and they begin to wonder how sturdy of a foundation they have created. In this passion-filled 2017 film, the intensity levels are high, and there is no shortage of skin-grabbing, heart-racing sex scenes to go around.

Newness is rated TV-MA.


Yes, God, Yes

Yes, God, Yes is a cleverly named film about a girl named Alice reckoning with her own sexual desires under the close and judgmental eye of her Catholic high school. She’s been taught that any and all sexual activity outside of marriage will result in eternal damnation, but that leads to some confusion when she discovers that her phone vibration can have more than one useful purpose. While attending a Catholic retreat in the hopes of controlling her impulses, Alice eyes a senior who sends her sexual drive into high gear. This film about a girl discovering masturbation, and herself, will make for a steamy and stimulating movie night.

Yes, God, Yes is rated R.


Duck Butter

This 2018 drama follows Nima and Sergio, two women frustrated with the lack of intimacy in dating who truly want to connect. So, Sergio makes a plan: They will spend 24 hours together, having sex every hour, to really get to know each other on a deeper level. While Nima is hesitant at first, she admires Sergio’s free-spirited nature and decides to give it a try. But 24 hours and one orgy later, it’s not clear if their experiment has pushed the women closer together or farther apart. Check out Duck Butter for an LGBTQ+ storyline that revels in the steaminess of intimacy.

Duck Butter is rated TV-MA.


American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules

The fifth installment in the American Pie Presents series, Girls’ Rules makes sure the girls come first... in every sense of the word. This raunchy 2020 comedy follows four best friends, Annie, Kayla, Michelle, and Stephanie, who want to make the most out of their senior year of high school. New boy Grant threatens to wreck their plans by being cute and desirable, leaving all the girls crushing over the same guy. But have no fear, because there'll be a sexy, moan-filled montage to enjoy at the end of the movie that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules is rated R.


Someone Great

After her boyfriend of nine years calls it quits and she lands her dream job in San Francisco, Jenny must learn how to say goodbye to her longtime love and home city. With the help of her friends, hallucinogenic drugs, Lizzo’s best bops, and a pop-up music festival, Jenny hopes to find closure in a city filled with reminders of what once was. In Someone Great, Jenny takes us down memory lane with saucy flashbacks from her past relationship, from their first time having sex to spontaneous, playful showers together. Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez plays Jenny in this hilarious, romantic, swoon-worthy movie.

Someone Great is rated R.



Alice Ackerman is a cam girl with an agenda: to climb the ranks of FreeGirlsLive and increase the popularity of her account, where she live streams sexual content for her loyal fans. All is going according to plan, until one day, Alice is mysteriously locked out of her account. The culprit? An identity thief impersonating Alice on FreeGirlsLive, appearing to be the exact same person. Will Alice ever get her account back? And will her identity thief ever reveal themselves? Cam is a psychological horror film centered around a pornography website, so it’s basically the perfect form of foreplay. Content warning: This film contains mentions of suicide.

Cam is rated TV-MA.


An Easy Girl

If your sexual fantasies involve smooching fancy strangers on the luxurious beaches of France, then An Easy Girl will no doubt get you going. This French film follows 16-year-old Naima, who's still struggling to figure out her own identity and goals in life. Just in time arrives her free-spirited, sexually liberated cousin, whose special talents include living in the moment and charming all the men she pleases. Naima follows her cousin into a new world, one filled with yachts, spontaneity, and lots of... well, you’ll see. But if you’re just looking for the goods, I’d suggest skipping to minute 28.

An Easy Girl is rated TV-MA.


Madame Claude

Madame Claude isn’t just a powerful entrepreneur and owner of a thriving sex work business — she also has the 1960s French political scene wrapped around her finger. In a genius collaboration, the police use Madame Claude’s workers to get information out of corrupt politicians and criminals. But when one young woman enters the scene, the whole system threatens to fall apart. They say sex is power, and this certified steamy film proves that to be true. Only one minute into the film, and you’ll already be greeted with nudity, a strip tease, and what borders on a sex party. If that doesn’t sell you, what will?

Madame Claude is rated TV-MA.


Ride Or Die

We’ve all had friends perform nice gestures for us, like gifting us with our favorite Ben and Jerry’s or sending over TikToks they think we may enjoy. But have you ever had a friend murder someone for you? The fascinatingly passionate 2021 film Ride or Die follows two female friends, one with an abusive husband and the other who decides to take him out of the picture forever. As the two flee the crime and run away together, their relationship turns romantic and intimate, welcoming one of the steamiest LGBTQ+ love stories we’ve seen on Netflix so far.

Steam Ride or Die, rated TV-MA.


The Art Of Loving

Michalina Wislocka is a Polish gynecologist and sexologist who wrote a book with the power to change the sex lives of Polish people — that is, if the government would just let her publish it. Set during Communist rule, The Art of Loving asks what sex, and women’s lives, could be like without the shame, misogyny, and taboo associated with it. Not only could this movie spark an interesting conversation between you and your partner about your needs and sexual communication, there’s also plenty of romance, heat, and sex throughout the film to get all parties excited.

The Art of Loving is rated TV-MA.


Deadly Illusions

Starring Sex and The City icon Kristin Davis, Deadly Illusions tells the story of Mary, a writer, mother, and wife, who decides to hire a nanny for some extra help as she starts writing a new novel. The narrative heats up when Mary starts having sexual fantasies about her nanny, Grace — fantasies so vivid that Mary can’t decipher what’s real and what’s in her imagination. When Mary calls up Grace’s nanny agency to discuss payment logistics, the agency reveals that there is no one in their system under that name. And that’s where it all begins. Watch Deadly Illusions for a sexy thriller that will give you goosebumps and plenty of heart flutters.

Deadly Illusions is rated R.



Triumph Films/Sony Pictures Entertainment

Newlyweds Maria and Joseph start attending couples’ therapy not long after their honeymoon stage. But after struggling to find the help they’re looking for from a licensed psychologist, Maria seeks out a second opinion: a tantric sex expert named Baltazar. His unconventional teachings — which include having sex with his patients — make Baltazar the perfect teacher they didn’t know they needed. In this 1997 film, intimacy is taken to a whole new level, and it’s bound to do the same for you and your partner. As one of the steamiest movies on Netflix right now, Bliss conquers conversations about female orgasms, prolonged ejaculation, and every other topic in the book.

Bliss is rated R.



This 2021 feel-good flick asks the question of what it takes to go from the friend zone to the end zone. Thibault is crushing hard on Rose, but he worries she sees him as more of a buddy than an actual boyfriend. But with the help of his three best girl friends, Thibault slowly learns how to turn on the charm, dress the part, and bring the sex appeal like never before. Friendzone is the perfect sweet and sexy blend for the viewers who want romance and a slow-burn, but with it’s fair share of skinny-dipping, salsa dancing, and sex scenes.

Friendzone is rated TV-MA.


Frank & Lola

Frank is a talented chef who knows his way around a knife. Lola is a beautiful fashion designer with a dark past. Frank & Lola opens with their steamy hookup session, which Lola assumes will be a one-night stand but quickly turns serious. While they decide to wait to have sex until the next time they see each other, Frank begins to go down on Lola, during which she asks, “Maybe you could hold me down while you do it.” So, one minute into the movie, and you and your partner will probably be ready to shut the laptop closed and get into it yourselves. But if you do decide to keep watching, you’ll gain insight into Lola’s mysterious secrets, shocking infidelity, and a past that haunts her. Content warning: This film contains mentions of rape.

Frank & Lola is rated TV-MA.


Simon Killer

After getting dumped by his girlfriend of five years, Simon flees to Paris for perspective, but instead he finds a prostitute named Victoria. What starts as a sexual exchange between the two of them turns into a romantic relationship. Simon realizes that the men she is sleeping with are mostly all married, so he suggests that they work together to blackmail them and threaten to tell their wives of their infidelity. But not everything goes as planned, and Simon finds himself in Paris with quite the mess to clean up. Simon Killer is made for the thrill-seeker, but if you’re a fan of skipping to the dirty details, fast forward to 23 minutes in for the first of many sexy scenes.

Simon Killer is rated TV-MA.



A true hidden gem on Netflix right now, Lovebirds is the raunchy rom com of your movie night dreams. Starring dynamic duo Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani, this 2020 flick follows a long-term couple on the brink of a break-up. While driving home together after deciding it was time to cut the cord, they hit a biking pedestrian who happened to have been involved in a series of criminal events. Now stuck as accomplices in a messy crime scheme, the pair head out on a wild goose chase to clear their names and bring justice to the murders.

Lovebirds is rated R.


Oh, Ramona!

This 2019 film based on the novel Suck It, Ramona! follows high schooler Andrei as he goes from an inexperienced teen to a hot commodity in a love triangle. With raunchy party hookups, erotic narration, and foggy shower scenes, Oh, Ramona! puts the sex in sexually frustrated. Awkward and insecure Andrei first falls for Ramona, the most popular girl in school. But once he finally lands a make-out session with his dream girl, everything is not as it seems. In comes a blonde, angelic teen Andrei meets while on vacation, and the third point of the love triangle is complete. Oh, Ramona! is a laugh-out-loud film sure to arouse any audience.

Oh, Ramona! is rated TV-MA.


Elisa & Marcela

This 2019 film is based on the true story of Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, a couple who risked their lives to marry each other in Spain in 1901. Given the illegality of same-sex marriages, Elisa posed as a man in order for the two to wed. But as neighbors and officials start to catch on, and violence ensues, the fate of the couple remains uncertain. A story of passionate, forbidden, and unconditional love, Elisa & Marcela is a period piece with an inspiring message. If historical significance isn’t your personal turn-on, don’t fret, because Elisa and Marcela is also infused with sexual tension and the relief that comes with it. See: 43 minutes into the film.

Elisa & Marcela is rated TV-MA.

While it’s tempting to pull up Schitt’s Creek or The Office and get cozy with your partner, your favorite comfort shows aren’t going anywhere. So, if you’re looking for a new way to spice up your average movie night, these sexy movies for couples are a surefire way to initiate anything from sexy time to a conversation about what you want to try together. It’s time to heat up “Netflix and chill,” and these flicks are the perfect place to start.

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