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23 Sexy Netflix Movies To Watch With Your SO That Are Better Than Foreplay

These days, when it's time to settle down to movie night with your significant other, turning on Netflix is pretty standard protocol. I know that it's the go-to for my partner and I, but often we get caught up watching the same old shows that we watch during the week. Instead, perhaps it's time to take things up a notch and start watching something from Netflix's Steamy Romance subgenre. If you're looking for sexy Netflix movies to watch with your significant other, there are plenty of good options to choose from.

Porn isn't necessarily for everyone, and you might want to leave that genre for more special occasions anyway. If all you want is a movie that will start a sensual conversation and might even make you feel a little hot, then it's best to start with movies that are sexy without being overt.

When I first started researching this list, I have to admit that my excitement was heavily selfish. My partner and I have experimented with watching feminist porn, but I've been interested in watching sensual films about love and sex — the kind of movies that would introduce us to new topics to explore and allow us to better communicate about our wants and needs in bed. Isn't that what everyone wants? To give your relationship a spark, settle in for a night of viewing one of these sexy Netflix movies with your partner.


'Hot Girls Wanted'

Two to Tangle Productions

Hot Girls Wanted, a 2015 documentary produced by Rashida Jones, follows young women who have gone into the porn industry. The miniseries follow-up, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, is also worth a watch since it explores the intersection of sex and technology and will seriously make you question your relationship to both.


'Y Tu Mamá También'

This Alfonso Cuarón classic from 2001 made a household name of Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal. Y Tu Mamá También features two teen boys who embark on a road trip with an older woman, while learning about life, love, friendship, and sex.


'La Mujer De Mi Hermano'


This steamy Spanish-language film revolves around a woman who no longer feels the passion with her husband of 10 years. In La Mujer De Mi Hermano, instead of working things out with her partner, she begins a steamy affair with her husband's brother.


'Leap Year'

Machete Producciones

The 2010 film Leap Year is not the one you're thinking of with Amy Adams. Instead, this film follows Laura and Arturo, who enter into an intense, sexual relationship shortly after meeting.


'Nymphomaniac, Vol. 1 & 2'

Zentropa Entertainments

Starring Stellan Skarsgård and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Nymphomaniac, Vol. 1 and 2 is about a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who is saved from a beating. In turn, she tells the man who rescued her all about her erotic experiences and the darker aspects of her adulthood.


'Sexy, Pudor Y Lágrimas'

Argos Comunicación

Another Spanish-language film that is as sexy as possible. Sexy, Pudor Y Lágrimas is about two young couples and a couple of old friends who re-enter their lives, triggering lust, rejections, infidelities, and reconciliation.


'Kiss Me'

LeBox Produktion

Kiss Me is about a young woman who is engaged to be married to a man, but soon enough finds herself sexually drawn to her soon-to-be stepmother's lesbian daughter.


'Sex Doll'

Les Films du Veyrier

Sex Doll tells the story of a London-based French escort Virginie who meets Rupert, a man who rescues trafficked girls. Set in London's world of high class call girls, this is a tale of modern love.




A romantic thriller, 2017's Amar is about Laura and Carlos. They love each other as if every day was the last, but the intense love they feel for each other might tear them apart a year later.


'Last Night'


Starring Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington, 2010's Last Night follows the story of a married couple who are apart for one night. While the husband is on a business trip with a colleague that he's attracted to, his wife meets up with a past love.


'Amor De Mis Amores'

Addiction House

In Amor De Mis Amores, a woman believes that she has fallen in love with a stranger. The only problem? It's mere days before her wedding and the stranger is headed for the altar, too, so their lives change dramatically.


'Strictly Sexual'

DKZ Films

Strictly Sexual is about two successful women who are fed up with dating and relationships. Instead, they decide to keep two young men in their pool house just for sex.


'Fragments Of Love'

One Film

In Fragments of Love, a woman makes her new lover one of the "fragments" of her love life by sharing stories with him of her previous lovers.


'Sex And Lucía'

Alicia Produce

Sex And Lucía stars Paz Vega as a woman who is exploring a passionate relationship with an author, whose novel has become entwined with his own love life on an isolated island.


'For A Good Time, Call...'

AdScott Pictures

This romantic comedy stars two roommates who start a phone sex line together to afford a fabulous Gramercy Park apartment. Comedy (and X-rated scenes) ensues.


'Room In Rome'

Morena Films

In this romance, two young women who only recently met begin to have a physical adventure that touches their very souls. A hotel room in Rome serves as the location of their sensual encounter.


'Siete Años De Matrimonio'

DMM Films

Siete Años De Matrimonio is a Spanish-language film that stars a couple who is nearing their seven-year anniversary. Can they make it beyond this sexual hump?


'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

Quat'sous Films

In Blue Is The Warmest Color, Adèle meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair who completely changes her life. Through their relationship, Adèle discovers her desire and learns to assert herself as a woman and as an adult.


'A Perfect Ending'

Soul Kiss Films

A Perfect Ending is not what you would expect. The film follows a woman who has a secret that not even her best friends know, but, once the secret is revealed, the two go on a uniquely erotic journey.


'Volverte A Ver'

Bazooka Films

In this 2008 romantic movie, Pablo is a successful fashion designer whose love life is overshadowed by his work. In Volverte A Ver, he sets about to recapture romance in this tale of tangled experience.


'El Callejón De Los Milagros'

Alameda Films

Set in downtown Mexico City and starring Salma Hayek in one of her early roles, 1995's El Callejón De Los Milagros is a film about the people who live in the neighborhood and how their complicated love lives keep them from maturing.


'Sex, Love And Therapy'

Tabo Tabo Films

This French film starring Sophie Marceau and Patrick Bruel is about a therapist who is a sex addict and trying to work through his troubles. In Sex, Love And Therapy, things go awry when he meets his new nymphomaniac co-worker who tries to quench her sexual appetite with him.


'And They Call It Summer'

Pavarotti & Friends

And They Call It Summer, features the character Dino, a sex addict, who seeks sexual satisfaction with prostitutes and swingers while denying his love Anna any kind of satisfaction.