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Have Your Partner Try These 14 Things With Your Breasts During Sex

Prepare to have your mind blown.

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From the nape of your neck to the tips of your fingers, every part of your body offers an opportunity for eroticism. The same holds true for your breasts, too, which can definitely enhance your sexual experience. That’s why your partner shouldn’t brush over your boobs to get straight to your nether regions. As it turns out, your breasts can offer up a whole different erogenous zone for enjoyment. And there are plenty of things your partner can do to your breasts during sex to make it even better — for both of you.

If you thought all the action had to be below the waist, well, your boobs beg to differ. Even the science shows that breasts and nipples are an integral part to arousal. In the study, “Nipple/Breast stimulation and sexual arousal in young men and women,” researchers validated what we’ve known all along — it’s a total turn on when your boobs are touched. So much so that 81.5% of women said that breast stimulation made them more turned on, and 59.1% wanted their nipples manipulated during lovemaking.

But why are breasts so tender (and tantalizing) to the touch? Dianis Graveris, a certified sex educator and relationship expert, explains: “Breasts are composed of an entire nerve network,” she says. “You can find hundreds of nerve endings in your areola and nipples; that’s why they get sensitive when stimulated the right way.” And that might explain why breast stimulation makes you a whole lot hornier. “Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) researchers found that nipple stimulation lit up the same areas of the brain that are activated with clitoral, vaginal, and cervical stimulation,” Susan Wysocki, WHNP, FAANP, President of iWomansHealth and advisor to the American Sexual Health Association, tells Romper via email.

So if you’re looking for ways to increase the fun and passion in the bedroom, these are some ways in which you can celebrate your breasts sexually.


They Can Scissor Them

Not that kind of scissoring. Have your partner make a V-shape with their hand and scissor around your nipples, as suggested in Cosmopolitan. It will give you a totally new kind of sensation.


They Can Kiss Them

Sometimes a little anticipation is the best feeling of all. If your partner kisses your breasts, but ignores the nipples for a few minutes, then the teasing might drive you wild, as noted in Men’s Health. At the very least, it makes for a fun bit of foreplay.


They Can Play With Just The Areola

Build up excitement and anticipation by having your partner play with just your areola. “The areola or area encircling your nipple is actually more sensitive than your nipples,” says Graveris. “So, have your partner stroke this area using their finger and then their index finger and thumb finger encircling your nipples.” Once your nipples are erect, your partner can use their tongue to create small, light circles around your nipples. Have them lick the tip of your nipple, then proceed to take the entire nipple by mouth, alternating between sucking and licking.


They Can Top Them With Whipped Cream


Bring some dessert energy into the bedroom. “Whip cream and chocolate are ‘fan faves’ in the four walls of my office,” says Dr. Grinonneau-Denton. This playful approach to sexual experimentation can be fun for everybody.


They Can Use The Lightest Touch

Hey, sometimes less really is more. If your partner skims the skin along your chest and breasts very lightly, then you will probably love the light sensations, according to Your Tango. This just might become your new favorite move.


They Can Go For The 'O'

Yes, it looks like nipple orgasms just might be a thing. Some people have reported experiencing breast orgasms triggered by nipple stimulation, according to HuffPost. You and your partner can experiment with a variety of touches to see if you can also feel this sensation. If nothing else, you will probably have a lot of fun along the way.


They Can Bite A Little

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If you're into it, a little teeth can make your nipple play even more interesting. First, however, take a moment to instruct your partner on just how to nibble on them, as explained in The Frisky. You don't want the fun times to turn painful.


They Can Use A Vibe

There are a million different ways to keep breast play interesting. To switch things up a bit, have your partner use a vibe on your nips, as suggested in Bad Girls Bible. You just might find a great new use for your favorite toy.


They Can Breathe

This is a fun and somewhat unusual tip. Many people enjoy it when their breasts are blown on lightly, according to Cosmopolitan. Ask your partner for a little breath play the next time you're together.


You Can Use A Nipple Sucker

Looking to take your nipple play game to the next level? Invest in some nipple suckers.

“Nipple suckers work by drawing more blood to your nipples,” explains Graveris. “The result is hypersensitive and beautifully enlarged nipples, ready for more mischief and kinky action between the sheets.” Just be sure that you use them properly so that you don’t hurt yourself. And once you take the little suckers off, your partner can play with your ever-so-sensitive nipples to the point of orgasm.


Or, You Can Use Nipple Clamps

Whereas nipple suckers increase blood flow to your breasts (and in particular, your nipples), nipple clamps work by restricting blood flow and applying pressure to your nips. While this makes them more sensitive, it can also potentially cut off the blood flow, too and lead to potential nerve damage, warns Graveris. “While some nipple clamps are designed to mimic pain, a good rule of thumb is to wear them for a maximum of 30 minutes,” she says. So if you’re going to use them, be sure to set a timer so that your nips stay safe.


They Can Massage Them

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Your shoulders, back, and feet aren’t the only places to receive a satisfying massage. Having your partner manually stimulate your breasts can feel good on so many levels. “Some people find breast massage is not only pleasurable, but it can also be pain-relieving during menstruation or during other hormonal changes that can make breasts tender,” Zoë Ligon, a sex educator and author of Carnal Knowledge: Sex Education You Didn’t Get in School, explains to Romper. “Remember that chest stimulation can feel good on all bodies, so communicate with your partner and ask them what type of stimulation feels good on their chest!”


They Can Slap Them

If you prefer rough breast play, your partner can slap your boobs here and there. Says Graveris: “They can gently slap your breasts as long as you consent to the act or give them the signal,” she says. Again, communication is vital, so be sure that you let your partner know what feels pleasurable (and what feels painful), so that you don’t get an unnecessary bruising.


You Can Introduce Temperature Play

Some like it hot — and some not. If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, you can introduce temperature play, particularly when it comes to your breasts. Your partner can put something warm on your breasts, (like their breath, for example), particularly around the areola and nipples to stimulate the nerves. Then, you can use an ice cube, popsicle, or even ice cream, circling it around your nipples. Your partner can lick your nipples, followed by gentle nibbling and sucking your breasts.

The next time you’re up for some action, be sure to make your breasts a focal point. Not only will it enhance your arousal, but it can intensify the orgasms — and the intimacy.

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