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Where To Find Adaptive Clothing For Kids

They’re thoughtfully designed.

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Clothing for kids has definitely come a long way. Many manufacturers have stopped using itchy tags, and in some instances, shoelaces have (thankfully) been replaced by Velcro closures. But for kids with special needs, clothing needs to not only be stylish, but designed with their needs in mind as well. If you’re unsure where to buy adaptive clothing for kids, these brands can help your child feel comfy in their clothes.

Scratchy seams. Pants with elastic waistbands. Shirts that have provide access to medical ports. Fashion has finally started meeting the needs of children with special needs, whether that means pants that can be put on with one hand, wide-neck t shirts, and super soft fabrics for kids with sensory issues. After all, clothing that can be constricting or just downright comfortable is going to make your kid miserable — and your mornings mayhem as you try to get your child dressed.

That’s why finding clothes that are both a physical fit and fashionable for your child can be challenging, unless you know where to look. While brands do their best to make adaptive clothing for kids that works for all needs, it’s important to keep in mind, that some items might only be for a specific disability, such as autism or sensory-processing disorders. Unless you know how a specific brand feels and functions, you might want to take your child clothing shopping so that they can test out the merch for themselves before buying. And these brands below are a great place to start.


Target adaptive clothing for kids

Target has a substantial adaptive clothing for kids’ collection, which the brand debuted back in 2017 under its Cat & Jack kids’ label. Initially beginning with 40 pieces, the collection now offers a wide array of clothing to meet most special needs.

What they offer: As part of Target’s Cat & Jack line, you’ll find long sleeve dresses, bodysuits, fleece pajamas, adaptive leggings, and even diaper-friendly jeans.

Price range: T shirts can start as low as $6 to adaptive Disney dresses costing up to $59.99.

Size range: XS - XXL


Tommy Hilfiger adaptive clothing for kids

In Spring 2016, Tommy Hilfiger launched its adaptive clothing line for kids. Designed for kids with autism and other special needs, the collection uses Velcro and magnetic buttons in lieu of zippers and buttons. The clothing line was such a hit that Hilfiger expanded the line to include adults as well the following year.

What they offer: Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive offers everything you’d expect to find from the iconic designer, including the use of bright, bold color blocking design. You’ll find adaptive polos with port access, hoodies, dresses, chino pants, comfy jeans that have magnets for easy dressing, and fur-lined jackets, too.

Price range: Classic shirts can cost $17.50, while a faux fur-lined jacket retails for $130.

Size range: XS – 16


Kohl’s adaptive clothing

Kohl’s launched their adaptive kidswear clothing collection in 2019 under the Urban Pipeline, Jumping Beans, and SO brands. Larger necklines, soft fabrics, and abdominal access are all part of Kohl’s commitment to making clothing comfortable for everyone. In 2022, an adult adaptive apparel collection was also included.

What they offer: Pants with elastic waistbands and a higher rise for easier and more comfortable seating, shirts with tag-free designs, and hoodies with sensory-friendly seams that are smooth to the touch and added room through the body to make dressing simpler.

Price range: Diaper and sensory-friendly leggings for $10 to slip on Velcro shoes for $37, with most items ranging between $10-$25.

Size range: 2T – 18


Billy Shoes

Footwear that is functional, fashionable, and inclusive is the goal for BILLY Footwear. The footwear collection uses a zipper to completely open the front of the shoe, allowing you to slip your entire foot in the shoe and zip it closed — no struggling with laces or getting your foot to fit inside. These are especially helpful for those who wear braces on their feet. They’re also sold on Zapos, Nordstrom, and more.

What they offer: There are collections for kids and toddlers, as well as styles for men and women. You’ll find sneakers and boots to moccasins and high tops.

Price range: Toddler sneaks can cost $50, while boots retail for $70. Adult sneakers can range from $70-$100.

Size range: Available in toddler, kids, and adult sizes.


JCPenney adaptive clothing

Under its private Thereabouts brand, JCPenney launched an inclusive line of kids apparel that was meant to help kids with sensory, dexterity, or mobility needs. You’ll find school uniforms, shoes, jeans, and t-shirts. In addition to easy access openings, the clothes have hidden abdominal access and no tags.

What they offer: Pajama sets that have hook-and-loop closures on the shoulders for easy dressing, pants that have flat seams and pull-on loops, and t shirts that have adaptive round necklines.

Price range: Bodysuits that range from under $5 to an adaptive button-down shirt for about $18 to a scooter skirt that costs $19.

Size range: 2T - XL


Appaman at Zappos

In addition to selling shoes that are a snap to put on (thanks to Velcro), the Appaman Adaptive Kids collection, which is available at Zappos, features iconic pieces that have been modified to fit the needs of children who use wheelchairs, have AFO’s or braces.

What they offer: Easy-to-wear sneakers and shoes, as well as puffer coats, and shirts.

Price range: $30+ for sneakers, upwards of $90 or more for warm winter jackets

Size range: Uses size groups of “Little Kid” or “Big Kid”


Lands’ End adaptive clothing for kids

If your child wears a uniform to school, then look to Lands’ End, since they have an inclusive line of adaptive clothing for kids. Buttons and zippers are replaced by magnets, and both the oxford and polo shirts are sensory-friendly. Labels are heat-transferred or made with soft satin. Pant legs even have magnets at the openings so that they can be worn over leg and foot braces.

What they offer: Everything that your child would need for their school days, such as white dress shirts, chino pants and shorts, as well as polo dresses, ponte skirts, and polos — and all designed to meet your child’s needs.

Price range: A polo shirt can cost around $15, while skirts and dresses retail for $30. Chino pants cost around $45.

Size range: 4 - 20


Aerie adaptive clothing accessories

The little sister to American Eagle, Aerie is known for its comfy leggings, and tops as well as activewear, bras, bralettes, and underwear. It has a boutique adaptive clothing accessories section to help those with special needs.

What they offer: Aerie has ostomy covers to give extra protection between an ostomy bag and clothing, as well as waistbands that can be used to hold feeding tubes, ostomies, and catheters close to the body.

Price range: Ostomy covers can cost around $18 while waistbands can run $32.95.

Size range: Available in sizes XS – XL.


Independence Day Adaptive

A women and minority-run business, Independence Day Adaptive is dedicated to helping kids feel comfortable in their clothes — and their own skin. Clothing can be worn inside out so that there’s not one right way to wear any outfit.

What they offer: Aimed at kids, tweens, and teens, the clothing line has loose fitting clothes made from comfy fabrics that are stylish and fully reversible.

Price range: Shirts can cost around $17.50 while dresses can run about $48. Leggings are $19.95.

Size range: Sizes XS - XXL


Myself Belts

For the kid who says: “I do it!”, now they will be able to, thanks to Myself Belts. The adaptive line features belts that can be opened and closed using one hand.

What they offer: Velcro belts for toddlers and kids in a wide variety of colors and fun kid-friendly patterns.

Price range: $19.95

Size range: XS/2T – 11/12


Special Kids Company

Special Kids Company’s adaptive clothing is made with both the special needs child and their caregiver in mind. The company’s collection includes adaptive clothing that offers easy access for feeding tubes/PGE, monitors and leads, and sub-pubic catheters.

What they offer: Special Kids Company has adaptive clothing ranging from bibs and bodysuits (which are made for children with sensory issues and to prevent smearing), as well as socks for kids who have a hypersensitivity to seams and incontinence underwear.

Price range: Swim trunks with incontinence protection can cost around $41, while a jumpsuit sleep sack designed for access to PEG/feeding tubes retails for $16.

Size range: Ages 3-16, with snap vests available in adult sizes.


Adaptive clothing for kids on Etsy

If you’re looking for handmade adaptive clothing for kids, Etsy has several options. Creator SpoonieThreads has a collection of adaptive clothing for both kids and adults that includes shirts, G-tube pajamas, while seller befreeAdaptive sells adaptive pants in adult and kids’ sizes, as well as adaptive pants for an 18” doll. And AdaptableSnapables makes bodysuits for babies and kids that have G-tube access.

What they offer: Pajamas, G-tube zip shirts, adaptive pants, port access shirts, and more.

Price range: $16 for an ostomy bag to $40+ for adaptive pants, to $23 for a short-sleeve bodysuit

Size range: 0-3 months – adult sizes (depending on seller)


Rags clothing

No snaps. No buttons. No zippers and no hooks. That’s just part of what makes Rags clothing (which uses a patented stretchy neckline to make getting dressed easier) a win-win for people with disabilities.

What they offer: Can you say color? There’s tons of it in this vibrant collection which includes Disney characters like Mickey and Pluto as well as Hogwarts House-themed clothing. You’ll find everything from rompers, tee shirts, and pants to swaddles and dresses.

Price range: Tee shirts can start as low as $15 while a romper with side pockets can cost $44.

Size range: 3-6 months – XL


Sensory Smart Clothing Co.

It can be hard for a kid to concentrate when they’re dealing with scratchy fabrics, waistbands that dig in, or even outside seams. Sensory Smart Clothing Co. uses ultra-soft fabrics so that kids with sensory issues can feel comfortable in their clothes.

What they offer: There are relaxed bamboo shirts, leggings, shorts, and seamless sensitivity socks that don’t slip down or bunch up.

Price range: Bamboo joggers can run around $48, while short sleeve bamboo tee shirts cost upwards of $34.

Size range: Kids sizes 3-14


Kozie Clothes

From sensory needs to temperature-controlled shirts, compression and weighted clothing, Kozie Clothes, started by Susan Donohoe, a pediatric occupational therapist, caters to kids with special medical needs and sensory sensitivities.

What they offer: There are compression shirts, undershirts, and pants, as well as weighted blankets and vests. There are outfits that have G-tube access and socks that are easy to slip on that offer sensory sensitivity.

Price range: G-tube pads can cost $5.50, while adaptive corduroy pants run around $18. A weighted vest can retail for $68.

Size range: newborn – size 20

If you’re looking for adaptive clothing for kids, these brands understand the needs of your child. From magnetic closures instead of buttons, abdominal openings, and shirts that have hidden access to medical ports, adaptive clothing can make managing your child’s needs easier while staying chic, too.