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These Adaptive Halloween Costumes Are Amazing

Inclusive costumes so every kid can have frighteningly good fun.

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It seems like as soon as kids go to school time suddenly sprints forward and before you know it, it’s already October. And that means one thing: Halloween is but a few short (and scary) weeks away. Of course, you can always cruise the aisles and grab a costume, but if you’re a parent of a child with a physical or mental disability, picking up a costume isn’t as easy. After all, a lot more thought has to go into ensuring that your child’s costume is comfortable, safe, and most of all, cool. These adaptive Halloween costumes will make trick or treating a lot more fun, and you won’t have to use your shaky DIY skills to create a cool costume for your kid.

Because as fun or festive as they might be, Halloween costumes are not known for being the comfiest clothing on the planet. They’re often stiff, smelly, and overall uncomfortable. Now, imagine trying to make that work with a child who has sensory sensitivities and struggles with clothing that doesn’t cater to their needs, and it can make Halloween a nightmare — and not the good kind.

But what exactly is an adaptive Halloween costume? Thankfully, retailers have started to come around and include costumes in their collections that cater to children who have mental or physical disabilities. That means front openings that allow for feeding tubes, or ones that open in the back to make getting into (and out of) the costume so much easier.

So if you’re ready to give up the glue gun (for this October 31, anyway), these adaptive Halloween costumes will let your child look (and feel) like they’re ready to boo their ‘hood.

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Kids’ Adaptive Frozen Elsa Snow Queen Halloween Costume

This Elsa Snow Queen costume will allow your child to be the queen they already are. It looks just like the dress from the hit films, with enough sparkle and shine to allow your child to shine, too. But the dress becomes accessibility friendly thanks to it’s abdominal and back openings that will allow you to access those areas quickly and easily. The gown features an easy on, easy off design that will let your child let it go if they need to.


Kids' Adaptive DC Comics Batman Halloween Costume

Gotham City can sleep safely tonight when your child dons this adaptive Batman Halloween costume. It’s got plenty of padding to make your child look like they’re sporting a 6-pack, and with the Batman logo and mask, there will be no mistaking who this caped crusader is. There are openings in the arm sleeve, abdomen, and pant inseam that allow for access or to get out of the costume quickly. It even comes with a cape so that your child will feel like they’re really flying.


Toddler Adaptive PAW Patrol Chase Halloween Costume

Chase is on the case! Let your favorite pup wear this sweet PAW Patrol Toddler Adaptive Costume. It has padding, which can come in handy if your child doesn’t want to wear a jacket over their costume (and frankly, with this cute a costume, who could blame them?) The sleeves and pant legs are made from a soft minky material, which will feel nice against your child’s skin. The costume also offers accessibility points in the arm, stomach, and pant legs. And once your child puts on the hat (complete with pointy ears), well, Adventure Bay will be safe once again.


Cinderella’s Coach Wheelchair Cover Set by Disguise

Let your child roll right up to the door and collect all the candy in this Cinderella wheelchair cover set. It comes with literally everything you’ll need to transform your child’s wheelchair into a beautiful carriage for the night, including six felt pieces that will cover the wheels and the top of the chair. Self-stick fabric strips will keep the carriage in place, but your child will need some assistance steering when it’s attached to the wheelchair. This is one costume that won’t turn into a pumpkin come midnight.


Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Costume Collection for Kids- Toy Story

Your child will have a blast (literally) with this Buzz Lightyear Adaptive Costume. Not only does it look just like the space toy from Toy Story, but it’s totally adaptive, too, from its front flaps that have self-stick fabric closure to its rear opening to help those in a wheelchair. But in addition to padded knees and cool screen art, the costume has longer length inseams that will make your seated child feel more comfortable. Purchase it separately or with the Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Wheelchair Cover Set, and your child will go to infinity and beyond.


Bumblebee Costume for Kids

Optimus Prime who? It’s Bumblebee who was the breakout star of the Transformers movies series. That might be why your child wants to dress up as their favorite yellow car, and this adaptive Bumblebee costume can give them everything that they need to have a great time trick-or-treating. Like many of the other costumes, it has adaptive features such as arm sleeve, abdominal, and pant inseam openings that can transform your child from a car back into a kiddo again. Your child will be ready to roll out for tricks and treats with the best of them when they wear this costume.


Incredibles Car Adaptive Wheelchair

Your child might feel like a part of the Parr family when they get to transform their wheelchair into the Incredibles car. It comes with the logo art and felt car pieces, and a whopping 22 support bars to keep the car in place no matter how fast your speed demon goes. It’s up to you to see if your mini Dash tries to put the pedal to the medal and take off during trick-or-treating.


Trolls Poppy Kids Adaptive Costume

You can’t be in a bad mood when you watch the Trolls movies. And when your child puts on the super pink wig and bright blue dress, you’ll both be in a good mood while they wear this Trolls Poppy kids adaptive costume. It has panels that allow access, and the soft fabric of the dress will help children with sensory issues. Just paint your child’s nose, and voila, Poppy will suddenly appear.


Hyde & EEK! Kids’ Adaptive Dragon Halloween Jumpsuit

What kid doesn’t want to be a fire-breathing dragon? This adaptive dragon Halloween kids’ costume is a green scaly print jumpsuit and comes with a headpiece to finish off the ferocious look. But where it really comes alive is in the back, where it opens so that your child can dress themselves easily. And if your child decides halfway through the holiday that they’re done, the costume can come off very quickly.


Adaptive Pink Minnie Wheelchair Cover Costume

From the bows to the pretty in pink color, can we all just admit how cool Minnie Mouse’s car is? Well, now your child can get an upgrade on their own wheels with this Adaptive Pink Minnie Wheelchair Cover Costume. You can dress up your child’s wheelchair to look like you’re “toodling” around town along with BFF Daisy Duck. And if you’ve ever wondered what type of car Minnie drives, it’s believed that her wheels were a version of the Delahaye, a French automobile from the 1930s, per News24.com.

Adaptive Halloween costumes have come a long way from the DIY ones you had to make in years past. Now, your child can be anything they want to be on Halloween, and feel happy and comfortable all through the night.

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