a little boy wearing a Daniel Tiger Halloween costume

Amazon Has The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

Good luck picking just one.

Every kid who dresses up for Halloween is undoubtedly cute, no matter their age, but you can’t help but gush over the littlest trick-or-treaters as they waddle up in their costumes and desperately try to gather the strength they need to lift their candy bucket high enough for you to add a few more pieces to their stash. If you’re responsible for getting one of these little trick-or-treaters dressed up this year, you should check out Amazon’s Halloween costumes for toddlers because they have some downright adorable options.

As a parent, I’d argue that Halloween is the best during a kid’s toddler years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a lot of fun, but younger toddlers don’t usually have strong opinions about their costumes, so you can dress them up as ridiculously as you want, and since they can walk they can actually participate in trick-or-treating, unlike when they’re babies. Then, of course, there’s the fact that they will forget about their great big bag of candy within a day or so, leaving it all for you to enjoy. What’s not to love?

Honestly, the hardest part about Halloween with a toddler is narrowing down the costume options, because there are so many delightful ones to choose from. A good way to make this task a little less overwhelming is to stick to shopping at a single retailer with a good selection, like Amazon. Your tot will look incredible in any one of Amazon’s Halloween costumes for toddlers, plus the cuter they are, the more candy they’ll get, and the more candy they get the more you get to take for yourself.

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A Magical Unicorn

Where do I even start with this adorable five-piece getup? Toddlers will stay warm and cozy in this costume set that includes a fluffy suit with a rainbow tail, a pair of wings, a unicorn head hood, a pair of booties, and a magical wand (because where else would the unicorn’s magic come from?). The little unicorn head stays put with a Velcro strap under the chin and the costume suit pulls over the head like a dress, so diaper changes are quick and easy. Thanks to the rainbow details, you can pair the costume with just about any color pants and shirt, which is why it ranks among the best of Amazon’s Halloween costumes for toddlers.


A Snuggly Lion

With this Halloween costume, toddlers get to dress up like a ferocious animal and take a cute plush animal along with them for trick-or-treating because, along with all of the pieces of the costume, the four-piece set also includes a toy zebra. The costume itself is made up of a one-piece suit, booties, and a separate hood that looks like a lion’s mane and has Velcro under the chin to keep it in place. As a whole, the costume is super soft and warm, so your toddler is sure to stay comfortable for as long as their little legs will carry them through trick-or-treating.


A Ferocious Dinosaur

Kids (and caregivers) who love dinosaurs should consider this one-piece, hooded T-Rex costume this Halloween. It’s made from a lightweight fabric to avoid overheating, has a zippered front for easy changes, and has little velour details throughout to give it a real reptile look. This costume has rave reviews from Amazon shoppers, too. One shopper said, “My son absolutely loved this outfit. The tail wagged as he walked. Everyone loved it and couldn't get over it. It was hard to get him to take it off he loved it so much. In my opinion it runs a bit big, but other than that so true to color from [the] original picture. And details in the costume make it worth dropping the money on it 100%.”


A Sweet Piggy

Your toddler will look absolutely amazing in this warm and cozy three-piece piggy costume. It comes with a one-piece jumpsuit that’s made from polyester and is super soft to the touch, a separate hood that attaches with Velcro under the chin, and little booties. The booties go over regular shoes, turning them into little hoofs that match the mittens which are attached to the jumpsuit for your toddler’s hands. This costume is absolutely amazing, however, it’s important to note that it is hand wash only, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your little one in it, especially if they tend to be a little messy.


A Classic Pumpkin

It doesn’t get much more classic than a toddler in a pumpkin costume. You get two separate pieces with this set, a hood that’s made to look like the stem of a pumpkin and attaches with Velcro under the chin to hold it in place and a suit with a Jack-o-lantern face and a collar made of leaves so that your little pumpkin looks like they’re still on a vine. The costume is made from soft, warm fabric to keep your little one comfortable throughout the night. If your child doesn’t already have something in their closet to wear under the costume, pick up an inexpensive shirt and a pair of pants in either green or brown to complete the look.


A Handsome Train Conductor

There’s a lot to love about this four-piece Halloween costume, but the best is that it’s something a lot of kids would love to play dress-up in on a regular basis long after the holiday has passed. All you’ll need to get for the costume is a shirt and a pair of shoes, because the set includes everything else to make your little one look like a train conductor including the striped overalls, the hat, the red neckerchief, and the little wood train whistle (which may or not be good, because your tot will certainly want to blow into it any chance they can get).


A Mini Blippi

Fans of Blippi can look just like him this Halloween with this set that includes a jumpsuit, hat, and glasses. The jumpsuit is designed to look like Blippi’s signature pants and shirt combo with orange suspenders screen printed on. There’s also a bowtie attached to the jumpsuit, giving it even more of a realistic look. The glasses are made of fabric and have an elastic band that will wrap around your child’s head to help them stay in place, and the blue and orange hat features the Blippi logo. The costume doesn’t come with shoes, but that’s a simple fix, just grab a pair of your toddler’s favorite sneakers and they’ll be all set.


A Cuddly Cookie Monster

This Cookie Monster costume is fantastic for two types of toddlers: those who love Sesame Street or those who have no interest in candy because all they want are cookies. It’s a one-piece jumpsuit that zips along the front for closure, making clothes and diaper changes simple and quick. The jumpsuit also has an attached hood that, when pulled up, looks like Cookie Monster’s head (silly eyes and all). Shoppers seem to love the costume, too. CynthiaLynn wrote, “My son (2) loves the Cookie Monster. I purchased this for Halloween this year and he adored it. The neighbors loved hearing him make Cookie Monster imitations!”


A Pink Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is a classic, and so is this two-piece costume for toddlers. It comes with a dress and a headband with Minnie ears and a bow. The dress is made from 100% polyester, so it’s soft and light, making it a great choice for trick-or-treating in warmer climates, and features big while polka dots, a white bow around the waist, a white collar, and a little broach that features Minnie. The headband’s bow matches the dress perfectly so the only thing your toddler will need to complete the costume are some Minnie-worthy shoes (I suggest going with a pink pair).


A Brave Paw Patrol Pup

If the Paw Patrol theme song popped into your head from simply looking at this costume, then chances are high your toddler will love wearing it this Halloween. The set comes with everything you need to turn your little one into Chase including a one-piece jumpsuit that matches the pup’s police uniform, a police hat, and a separate pup pack (because what’s a pup without one?). The costume is officially licensed, so all of the little costume details are accurate based on the show. One thing to note, the sizing for this costume is a little different, so be sure to measure carefully.


A Beautiful Butterfly

This butterfly costume is made especially for toddlers that wear either 2T, 3T, or 4T sizes. It has three separate pieces that come together to create a gorgeous monarch butterfly. The costume includes a dress made from lightweight polyester, a pair of wings, and a headband with little antennae. Based on reviews, Amazon shoppers seem to really love this little outfit; IMHO said, “This costume was really cute in the picture and just as adorable in person. The fit was good for my daughter, who is nearly 3 and tall for her age. I put a little undershirt on underneath for warmth and a pair of black leggings, and she got so many compliments when we went trick or treating!”


A Strong PJ Mask Hero

If your toddler is a fan of PJ Masks, then consider this cute green Gecko costume. It comes with a headpiece that has little spiders and goes over the eyes (just like Gecko’s does) and attaches with Velcro at the neck to help keep it in place. The costume’s jumpsuit includes a detachable tail so if your tot wants to run around and play, the pesky tail won’t get in the way or create a fall hazard. Kids will stay comfortable and cool wearing this costume during trick-or-treating, because it’s made from soft, lightweight polyester. Just remember to discourage them from trying to fight crime after the sun goes down on Halloween night.


A Frosty Elsa

It doesn’t matter how long ago Frozen or Frozen 2 came out, little kids are going to keep loving her and will want to wear this Elsa costume for many Halloweens to come. The dress matches the one Elsa wore in Frozen 2 and even has a cape attached to it. It’s made from polyester fabric and is full of detail like glitter dots, ombre colors, and capped shoulders. Pair it with a cute pair of sparkly silver or blue shoes and style your child’s hair in Elsa’s signature braid (or get them a wig) to complete the iconic costume.


A Helpful Daniel Tiger

What’s not to love about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood? If your tot is a fan of the show (and its many songs), then this three-piece Daniel Tiger costume is perfect for them this Halloween. It includes a pair of pants, a tunic top, and a soft, plush headpiece that attaches with Velcro at the neck to help hold it in place (heads up, some toddlers may need to practice walking around with this before trick-or-treating, because it might mess with their balance at first). While this costume doesn’t come with shoes, it’s an easy fix because a pair of your toddler’s favorite sneakers will work perfectly.