Dress The Entire Family Up In These Cute Pokémon Halloween Costumes

Gotta wear them all!

Pokémon may have been invented in 1995, but the Japanese media franchise endures and continues to win over new fans with its so-called “pocket monsters.” That’s why 26 years after the fictional Pokémon universe came on the scene, kids are still begging their parents for all things Pikachu, Squirtle, and Raichu-related. Naturally, that includes costumes and with the spookiest season of the year on the horizon, you can bet there will be requests for Pokémon Halloween costumes.

But Pokémon fanaticism isn’t limited to the under 12 set. Adults who grew up with the game are equally enamored, which means you can find Pokémon Halloween costumes in sizes ranging from babies to adults. In fact, you could outfit your entire family in the best Pokémon character gear thanks to the fact that 898 Pokémon characters exist! Pikachu continues to win the popularity contest, which means you’ll have no trouble finding a variety of options of Pokémon Halloween costumes for that character. But do some digging and you can find other fan favorites too.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? When in doubt, check Etsy. Chances are there’s a maker on there who has just the Pokémon Halloween costume you’re looking for and if not, they might be willing to negotiate to make you the character of your dreams, provided you ask nicely.

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The Best Pikachu Costume for Kids

Pikachu tends to be the star of the show when it comes to Pokémon. The mouse-like yellow creature is certainly the most recognizable. If your child wants to dress like the official mascot of the game, never fear. There are dozens of costumes to choose from. This one, however, makes a great choice because it’s super comfy — sort of like a snuggly body suit complete with hood. The onesie naturally has a matching tail to give the look its full effect. It’s also made of flannel, a warm fabric which is a big plus for any trick-or-treaters in colder climates.


The Best Pikachu Costume for Adults

If you’re reliving your own childhood love of Pokémon through your children’s newfound passion for the anime series, then, by all means, outfit yourself in a Pikachu costume for adults. This large jumpsuit can fit a men’s size 46, making it roomie for a wannabe-Pikachu dad wishing he could live inside his favorite video game for a day. The hood features Pikachu’s beloved ears and that cute smile, so no one will get you confused with a giant banana. This costume also includes Pikachu’s lightning bolt tail too. You’ll have to find your own shoes, however. Those aren’t included in this costume set.


The Best Pickachu Costume for Baby

Babies need not feel excluded from the Pokémon Halloween costume fun this year. They too can be mini Pikachus! There are Pikachu outfits for even the smallest among us. This one is especially cozy thanks to its soft onesie design. In fact, your baby won’t know the difference between this and a regular zip-up onesie as this outfit nixes Pikachu’s tail in order to make infants more comfortable. A soft hood will keep baby’s ears warm while completing the full Pikachu effect with ears, rosy cheeks, and that knowing smile. And with a zipper that reaches halfway up the back, changing a diaper mid-festivities is a breeze.


The Best Tutu Pikachu Costume

This may not be the typical Pikachu look, but if you have a child who prefers their costumes have a certain ballerina flair, then you’ll kill two birds with one stone with this look. This Pokémon Halloween costume is a tutu take on Pikachu. Made from tulle and felt, the leotard features Pikachu’s face with the character’s ears sticking out in front of the arm straps (which, it should be noted, are adjustable). A lightning bolt tale sits above the actual skirt itself, so you still have all the classic components of the character with the addition of a little prima ballerina fun.


The Best Gym Trainer Costume

For those who don’t know, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are Nintendo Switch spin-off games of the original Pokémon game. And they come with their own characters, including Gym Trainers who help their Gym Leaders on their Gym missions. Following? If your child wants to take on the persona of a gym Trainer, there’s a costume for that, of course. This uniform, featuring top, pants, and gloves, looks just like the Gym trainers as your observant kid will likely note. That’s right, there’s no thumb on the gloves! The polyester fabric makes this uniform durable enough to withstand your child’s pretend training sessions.


Ash Costume

Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in Japanese) is the star of Pokémon’s manga and anime series. He’s a Pokémon trainer with big dreams of one day becoming a Pokémon master. If your kid wants to be the hero of their favorite series, then an Ash costume is in order. This one will do the trick. Ash’s look features a baseball cap, blue and white jacket, and all important green fingerless gloves. If you really want to make the look authentic, add a Pokeball as well. With 63% five star ratings, you can count on this costume answering your child’s Ash aspirations come October 31.


Adult Pokéball Costume

For encouraging parents who can’t wrap their heads around the plot of Pokémon, but still want to show up for their kids, there’s this Pokeball costume. You can even argue with your kid that the Pokeball is the real star of show since it’s what’s used to catch and contain Pokémon. Isn’t that the ultimate Pokémon Halloween costume after all? Even better, when it comes to costumes, it doesn’t get more comfortable than this. Wear black pants and a black long sleeve shirt, then pull this Pokeball sandwich board over your head. That’s it. You’re done. Ready to trick-or-treat.


Grookey Kid Costume

When it comes to Pokémon Halloween costumes, Grookey is another popular option: the monkey-like “Grass-type Starter Pokémon of the Galar region.” Grookey is special because this character, at least in the anime, can restore weakened plants and its green fur can help create energy. Rare in the world of Pokémon, that makes it all the more beloved. Plus, just look at a picture of this little one, it’s darling! What kid wouldn’t want to be Grookey? With this costume, their fantasies can come to life. The hooded jumpsuit is simple and comfortable, but has all the key Grookey features including his tail and leaf-shaped hair tufts.


Adult Snorlax Costume

A Snorlax is a member of the Pichu Brothers' Posse, according to Bulpapedia. And it’s a fascinating character. “Its stomach is so strong, even eating moldy or rotten food will not affect it,” the Pokémon site reports. That might just be a power you want to channel come Halloween, which is why this Snorlax costume comes in adult size. Sort of like wearing a sleeping bag, this roomie onesie also features wrist cuffs and a soft sculpted nose on the hood to make it more realistic. Buttons, not a zipper, make this easy to take on and off, but who would? It’s the ultimate napping suit once you’ve polished off all that Halloween candy.


Kid Charizard Costume

Flying, wing attacks, and flame-throwing are all part of Charizard’s repertoire, big selling points for a kid looking for a great Pokémon Halloween costume. They can feel confident in this take on the classic character. This suit is one piece and is made of a fleece/polyester combo. Buttons make it easy to put on and a hood with an embroidered Charizard face nails the look. Of course, it also features small bat-like wings kids can show off by spreading them out via hooks on the corner. And, naturally, it comes with a tail that’s attached to a flame for ultimate authenticity.


Child Charmander Costume

Fleece is an ideal fabric for cosplay looks. It’s warm, it’s soft, it won’t make your child complain about itching and scratching. That’s why this Charmander costume is great: when a child moves the tail moves with it. But unlike mass produced onesies, this look is actually three pieces, with removable mittens and velcro hood, ideal for when Halloween fun gets too hot and your kiddo needs a little air. Lining also ensures optimum comfort for any child that wants to rock this reptilian Pokémon costume. Bright orange, you’ll be easy to spot your little Pokémon when they take to the streets on Halloween night.


Squirtle Kid Costume

By far one of the best named characters thanks to the portmanteau of turtle and squirt, Squirtle is a water-type Pokémon who, it will come as no surprise, squirts water from its mouth when threatened. Sound like something your kid might do. Then let them be Squirtle for Halloween. This Etsy costume has you covered with a series of handmade felt components including a squishy stuffed shell! There are even felt feet you attach to your child’s shoes to make it even more Squirtly. But note, because this is such a detailed costume, the vendor needs 4 weeks notice to make it on time.


Kid Sobble Costume

Another water Pokémon like Squirtle, Sobble is a blue lizard-esque creature with sniper abilities. And you know what that means. Kids love this blue character. So, of course, there’s a costume to pretend to be Sobble this Halloween. Made out of plush material, this is another onesie jumpsuit that fastens via hook-and-loop closures across the front. The hood holds Sobble’s recognizable yellow fin and below that is the character’s embroidered face. This costume is made of polyester and can only be handwashed, so warn your kiddo to snack carefully on all of their Halloween goodies to avoid any difficult stains.