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16 Best Costumes For Kids From Amazon

Frightfully adorable costumes you can Prime on time.

The smell of pumpkin spice might not be in the air just yet, but the rush to secure the best kids Halloween costumes has already begun. If you want to beat the rush, Amazon Halloween costumes for kids are the way to go for their assortment, affordability, and easy return policy. Amazon not only has a giant selection, there are some wildly amusing options available this year. Think: lifeguard being eaten by a shark, a flying astronaut (that’s right, flying!), and a costume that looks like the spitting image of Luca from the recent Disney and Pixar production.

Of course, you can also find classic costume options when shopping for Amazon Halloween costumes for kids. There are plenty of witch motifs, ghost ensembles, and vampire suits. All your favorite characters are there too. You can find all kinds of variations on Spider-Man, from the classic look to the latest Miles Morales (of Spiderverse fame) iteration. Harry Potter, Baby Yoda, and Pikachu are all present and accounted for as well, naturally. This is to say, if you want to peruse a giant selection of choices options, Amazon has tons of Halloween costumes for kids.

With plenty to choose from right now, the early bird gets the worm when it comes to shopping Amazon for your child’s Halloween look. So check it out and if you act fast, you might just be able to snag a darling T. Rex or inflatable tiger costume. You read that right: inflatable tiger.

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Inflatable Tiger Costume

In an engineering feat that’s a marriage of pool toy technology and serious tailoring, costumers have figured out a way to make a child look like it’s riding a tiger. Basically the polyester costume involves having a child step into then inflating it with a built-in blower that requires 4 AA batteries. With fake legs built in that hang off the back of the tiger, it will look like your child has somehow domesticated one of the jungle’s fiercest creatures and, likely will send the neighborhood into hysterics when they see your child trick-or-treating. All that for less than $30? Worth roaring for, no?


Life Guard Being Eaten By Shark

Another one of Amazon's hilarious Halloween costumes for kids, this costume is a life guard being eaten by a shark. Basically a child steps its legs into the body of the shark, while a fake leg hangs from the beast's mouth to create the Jaws effect. A white t-shirt comes with the ensemble to complete the look. Just add a pair of sunglasses and you have every beach-goer’s worst nightmare. But you need not only break this costume out for Halloween. Since it’s polyester, you can hand wash and hang dry this silly suit. All the better to rewear again, say at next summer’s 4th of July pool party.



The latest character to blow kids’ minds is Luca, the star of the Disney+ Pixar film of the same name. Luca is a darling sea monster who, much like Ariel in the Little Mermaid, wants more from life than what’s in the ocean. When he discovers he can live two lives, one as a sea creature and another as a boy in a small town in the Italian Riviera, he gets into all kinds of fun with his new best friend. What kid wouldn’t want to embody that? They can in this Amazon Halloween costume for kids that a jumpsuit with a two-in-one hood/mask. Super soft, the costume zips up the back and features feet too.



Sure, most kids under 10 don’t even know who Bill Murray is, but his hilarious portrayal of Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters endures. And given that this holiday is all about ghosts, well, wearing a “proton pack” to nab some spirits is all the more appropriate. To make sure your child looks the part, go for this deluxe Ghostbusters costume. It comes with a jumpsuit, name badge, and proton pack backpack they can play with all night long. Zips on the ankles makes this uniform easy to slip on and off and a body zipper also adds ease of use. Functioning pockets also means that your child can store their candy in the suit leaving their hands free to effectively search for ghouls on the run.


Flying Astronaut

By far one of the most creative mass produced costumes, this is an astronaut that appears to be flying thanks to its built-in fake legs. That's right, a child wears a jumpsuit with pants that look like flames and has fake legs that hang off the waist so they appear to be taking off. The jet pack comes off for convenience, and can be replaced with a backpack if your child wants something a little more practical for toting around candy. If you want to doctor it up some more, a helmet and gloves are sold separately. But really, all you need is the suit itself to earn optimum praise from neighbors come All Hallow’s Eve.



When it comes to massive pop culture character arrivals, you don’t get much bigger than Baby Yoda. The charming mini version of Star Wars’ popular Yoda arrived with the Mandalorian series and never really went away. Kids cannot get enough of him. So whether your child wants to embody age old Yoda or “The Child” they can capture his magic in this costume. Basically a glorified bathrobe (which means it will be extra comfy), this item is a headpiece and robe with attached hand covers. Yoda’s signature green ears pop out of the hood to give it the full effect.


Harry Potter

“Harry, you’re a wizard” is what you’ll be saying all night when your child dons this Harry Potter costume for kids on October 31. They’ll feel like they’re really at Hogwarts when they put on this full twill Gryffindor robe which features a satin lined hood and patch with a detailed felt design. Wand and glasses are sold separately, but hey, your child might already have that in their wizarding trunk, right? By dressing your child in slacks, a sweater and a tie, you can put this outfit together for less than $70. A spell of a deal, if you will, from Amazon’s selection of Halloween costumes for kids.



Pokémon, even 26 years after it was created, continues to be a kid favorite, and if your child longs for nothing more than to become Pikachu, this costume is for them. Rather than a jumpsuit, Pikachu gets a skirted look here. The character's signature ears come in the form of a headband. And for the crafty pocket monster’s rosy red cheeks? Well, your child will get two glitter body stickers for that. This Amazon Halloween costume for a kid will likely be a hot one this season. Pokémon’s popularity has only increased since it started. So if your child is a fan, grab this Pikachu costume, or any of these great costumes from the Pokémon universe before they sell out.



Want a classic costume for your frilly-fan child this October 31? Go with this cute tutu’d bat look. Like a ballerina bat, this costume is made of lace mesh and polyester and comes with bat wings and a headband featuring little bat ears. Bat designs also are embroidered on the bodice so no one will get this outfit confused with, say, a cat. If your little blood sucker wants to make her outfit a bit more sour than sweet, you could also double down and buy fake vampire teeth (available on Amazon as well, natch), all the better to bite you with!



Finding a good kid costume that’s as comfortable as it is cute is no easy feat. That’s why out of all of Amazon Halloween costumes for kids, this one is the big winner. This is basically a jumpsuit screen printed with skeleton bones on the front. A full body sweatshirt complete with a hood, it’s super cozy and can be worn all season long. But it’s also a parent’s dream come true as it comes with an extended zipper that goes over the bum so you can make a break for it mid-trick-or-treat if your child has a potty emergency. The best part? The back is screen printed too, so your little boo really looks like a walking skeleton no matter which way they’re headed.


Wonder Woman

Have a super kid on your hands who wants to feel like a superhero? No one is as timeless as Wonder Woman, and this costume finds her in all her 1984 glory. One of many Wonder Woman costumes for kids on Amazon, this multi-piece set includes the classic dress featuring a metallic chest plate and gold belt designed to look strapless. It also comes with the signature gold headband in addition to arm guards to complete the look, and the leg guards are actually printed onto leggings, keeping your child warm and comfortable. Intricate screen printing gives the polyester uniform a super authentic look that will make the metallic detailing pop. You could easily form your own neighborhood Justice League with this costume. You just need to recruit a Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, and you’ve got the crew all set to trick-or-treat.



The real star of Frozen was Olaf IMO. If your child agrees, then suit them up in the sweetest snowman suit Amazon has to offer. All they need to do is slip on this padded tunic and slide their head into the separate hood (which holds in place with velcro) and boom, they’ve become Olaf. Even though they’ll be impersonating a pile of snow, they’ll be completely warm as this costume is made of 100% polyester and its tree branch arms are actually gloved sleeves. Unless it’s literally freezing on Halloween, there’s no need to throw on a puffer jacket obscuring the cute costume. Yep, this costume will thaw even the scariest ghost’s heart.



Cartoon characters win big on Halloween. If your child has just binged the Toy Story franchise, they might be asking you if they can be Woody this year. Feel free to say yes because this Amazon costume is a deal. For less than $40, they’ll be looking just like Andy’s favorite toy. Unlike many similar costumes, this one comes with almost all the accessories your child needs to transform into Woody. This costume is a jumpsuit with attached vest and holster, star, pair of boot covers with spurs, hat, and a bandana. The only thing you’ll need to add is a hat, which, no surprise, you can also find on Amazon. So saddle up, it’s time to ride.



Arrr you going trick-or-treating, matey? Then shiver me timbers and buy this costume, landlubber! Your child will be channelling her inner Anne Bonnie in this Princess of the Seas set. It comes with a red and gold shirt with attached belt and a skirt with layers of sheer red and black. As for the hat and sword, those you’ll have to scavenge for on Amazon like a lost trunk of treasure. Good news though? The map to find them is Amazon's amazing search engine that will deliver 7 pages of product results (true story) in mere seconds. Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun.



Peter Parker is great and all, but if your child has watched Spiderverse, their heart belongs to Miles Morales — the young Spider-Man. Let them live out Miles’ dream as they become the newest Spidey in this body suit and hood. This uniform covers a child completely from head to toe with built in footies and gloves. The mask looks just like the movie as well thanks to metallic eyes that allow a child to see out without too much obstruction. Screen printed with great detail, this suit will make any kid feel like a superhero if only for one night.



The king of the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex tends to be a kid-favorite. Something about his tiny arms and ferocious roar just can’t be topped in the Jurassic popularity contest. So if your little paleontologist wants nothing more than to be a T-rex this Halloween, turn to Amazon for the costume of their dreams. This one comes with a hood, jumpsuit, booties, and a dinosaur egg (bonus!). Plus, it features T-rex’s signature tail so your kiddo can shake their tail feathers all night long. Made out of fuzzy polyester, it’s a loose and cozy costume, perfect for a chilly night of trick-or-treating.

Looking for the best Amazon Halloween costumes for your kids? Start with this list and you’ll be well on your way to finding something your child will love to wear come fright night.